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Melissa in Franklinton, LA USA


August 2008


Runner Up

For my daughter's 5th birthday we invited the whole class so we had to do something for boys and girls. Since the Pirate and Princess party at Disney is so popular it was perfect.

INVITATIONS:I purchased a jpg file on the internet with a picture of my daughter in a Snow White costume. It had the Disney Princesses in gold dresses on one side and a Pirate ship on the other. The background looked like an old map with burnt edges. I included a hot pink crown and ribbon to make it more girly. I had them printed as photos at Walmart. Total cost was about $25. Along with the invites I included a map I created and print from my computer. Everything I printed for the party was done in Vivaldi font for the pirates and Black Chancery font for the princesses. At the top in red it said ARRG!! A map to the treasure with a red and black map to our location. The bottom half of the page was a scroll I lined in hot pink and wrote Princess Victoria requests your attendance" it included the info and stated Princess and Pirate attire welcomed but not required. 

DECORATIONS: We have a banquet hall in our neighborhood so I rented it at a discounted price. We hung a princess wall scene sitter that said happy birthday princess on the window and put the cake table in front of it. We used a princesstablecloth cover on that table. Then we lined two long tables down both sides. One side was white tablecloths for princesses and the other black for pirates. We sit the tables as if it were a royal ball. The pirates had red paper plates. We wrapped black napkins with red plastic silverware inside and tied with red curly ribbons. We placed them in the plates and threw small skulls gold coins skeleton hands and red birthday confetti down the center.

The princess table had pink plates with white silverware and white ribbons. The center had ceramic flowers(just like Belle's Garden) with crown metal holders that we put the blowouts in and stood them up. The crowns had small pink jewels all around the top. We sprinkled pink confetti down the middle. Every item we used for the tables came from the Dollar Tree for $1.00. We hung black and hot pink tulle from the ceiling across the area where we set up tables (Walmart or craft store $5 roll). We attached black and hot pink balloons to the chairs and along the stairs. My daughter was seated at the head of the princess tables.

We layed down a peice of purple silk fabric on the floor under her chair and layed out white rose petals. We use a  party chair cover that looked like a thrown on the back of the chair. We wrapped the bottom in pink tulle.All of which we already had. We had a table set by the door for presents and we attached a computered made scroll to the front with some ribbons. The scroll was yellow and I used gold craft paint to trim it. We glued it to cardboard and strung with ribbon. It said The Fletcher castle welcomes you to princess Victoria's 5th birthday.

The left side walkway we added a keep out sign and strung a line of skeleton heads down both sides(Dollar Tree). The right side we strung pink tulle down both sides and added pink balloons. We decorated signs with black and hot pink markers and attached a black and hot pink balloon to each side and hung at the entrance to our neighborhood. We also decorated the restrooms. The girls had trellis with red roses(already had) to symbolize Belle's Garden. The boys had Pirate flag pennants(dollar tree).

ACTIVITIES: When they arrived theywere taken into a side room and we had a table set up with pirate tattoes for the pirates and makeup for the girls. They all then received pirate hooks(dollar tree)and princess wands. The wands were made out of wood stars and sticks(craft store $3) We spray painted them pink and added gold and silver glitter craft paint and attached glod/silver/pink ribbons(already had it all) We brought my daughter's karaoke machine and played a mix of pirate and princess songs.

We seated all the children at the table to do foam crowns(craft store) and pirate flags(party city). We also had a dance to Belle's Something There song(my daughter dressed as Belle). We got a friend to play "Cinderella". We bought a costume at Party City($40) Our friend is a police officer so he escorted her in with lights and sirens. We gathered all the children to the window and keep asking "what's happening". They all about flipped when Cinderella stepped out of the car. She came in and gave each girl a glass slipper to keep(6pk dollar tree).

We then took a photo of Cinderella with each child individually.She only stayed 30min since we wouldn't have been able to do anything else. The boys took a photo with a pirate we had decorated up using bones(dollar tree) and old clothes. The head we got at Party City($6). We had a pirate ship and pink cone shaped pinata. Pinatas had candy nuggets personalized with my daughters birthday info. 

GAMES: We did pin the crown on Ariel and x marks the treasure(both dollar tree) We filled a trash bag with numbered balloons and let each kid pick one the number we drew that matched won a prize. We also did walk the plank. The one who walked alway across blindfolded won. We had a treasure hunt and hid a treasure inside a trunk we already had. When the kids opened it out came black ballons we filled with helium. We added a last "clue" to the treasure box and the one who got it won a small treasure chest filled with coins and candy(party city).

We also had printed placecards on cardstock that the attached to seating at the tables. Each childs name was on front and on back a number. As we did the crowns and flags my daughter picked a number from each table and each child looked on the back to see if they won a prize. We had other princess games but the kids were 4-6 and just couldn't do the more complex games plus there were 21 kids.

COSTUMES: The boys dresses as pirates and girls all came as princesses. I wore an old wedding gown from a thrift store as Gisselle and my husband wore his old halloween pirate costume. My daughter was Belle.

PARTY SNACKS: We had a tray of sandwiches chexmix chips and crackers with dip displaced in a carved pumpkin we spray painted blue(Cinderella's carriage). We did not serve meal since the party was 3:00-5:30.

CAKE & FAVORS: We had two cakes. The castle cake with princesses was 3tier. I had it made at a local bakery. I made a pirate hat cake. I covered a piece of cardboard with gold wrapping paper. I used two round chocolate cakes. Put them together with chocolate iciing and cut of the bottom. I stood it up on the paper and cut the bottom piece I had removed in half to make the sides of the hat. I used icing to put it all together. I used white icing to make a skull with crossbones and chocolate icing for eyes and teeth. I added gold coins all over the cardboard. Everyone thought I purchased it as well and it was so easy.

The castle cake was the centerpeice on the table in frontof the window. The pirate cake went at the end of the pirate tables. I served ice cream I had already scooped out and put in cupcake liners the night bofore. I stored them in the freezer on cookie sheets. I of course used strawberry and chocolate. I bought clear plastic cups and used jello cubes I made the night before in each cup. I used strawberry and black cherry to get the pink and black look and filled them with Sprite.

I Used a cardboard treasure chest and princess box(Dollar tree) for the favors. I had tulle I cut and wrapped the favors in and tied with ribbons instead of regular treat bags. I used hot pink and black tulle. I filled the pink with lipgloss candy bubbles and the black with eyepatches binocular and candy(all Dollar Tree). I also bought 2 10pk of bright colored bags in the craft section at walmart. I wrote the kids name on front and used white window paint to add dots all over the front. I added curly ribbons to the side of the handle. I lined the in front of the fireplace(wHich made a good decoration). As each child received different things we thew there things in there bags so they didn't get lost. They were big ebough to hold everything. I also added scrolls to each bag. The girls I made out of a half sheet printer paper.

I printed on the computer in blue that said This certifies _______ is a real princess signed Cinderella. I spray painted them with glitter and rolled them up and secured with ribbons. The boys I soaked printer paper in old coffee to  stain it and attached another sheet to the front of that that said Yo ho The captain has declared ______ a swashbuckling pirate. I burnt the edges of the sheet before attaching to the other. I used 1/2 sheets.

Everyone at the party said I should start a party planning business. Most important to me was my daughter has the most amazing party ever."

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