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Fairy Princess 6yr - Flowerpot Ring Toss




T. in harrisburg, nc


June 2007


Special Mention

Best Fairy Princess Party ever!  All the kids loved it, didn't want to leave. All the parents remarked how imaginative and organized it was. All were duly impressed! But, most importantly got RAVE reviews from my 6yr old daughter. 

INVITATIONS: drew & coloured a fairy princess, photocopied on cardstock, outlined wings, crown, wand in glitter glue, cut out outline, on the skirt of the princess had the following poem: // GL is turning six and all the pieces are falling into place. We're just missing You and your bright and shiny face. There'll be sprinkles of Pixie Dust and Magical Games to Play. We'll even learn to Fly and have some Fairy Tea that day. Only you can make her Fairy Princess party complete. So join us in the Fairy Forest and earn your Wings to keep. //  Bought puzzle invitations (OTC), wrote out details of party location, time, date, RSVP etc., jumbled puzzle & placed in snack bag taped to back of this invitation.  When kids opened it, they had to assemble puzzle for party details. 

DECORATIONS: Light Green Garden Flower Canopy / Mosquito Netting (from Heartsong) with flowers at top & bought some feather butterflies attached to the draping netting. Hung this canopy overhead the kids tables. Beautiful effect, looked like one was under a Flowering tree. Hung small Fairy Pinata inside the middle of the canopy (looks like fairy under the tree). Bought helium Butterfly shaped balloons for each chair/child. Tinkerbell Tablecloths (only fairy theme I could find at the time)but you could just as easily use plain light green, purple or pink tablecloth). Fairy themed plates, cups, napkins (Dollar Store).

Goodie bags(for the toys/candy from pinata)were also fairy themed.  Using 3 rolls of light green Crepe Paper & pastel coloured construction paper made floating butterfly & flower curtains for the walls. Cut out tons of construction paper butterflies & flowers. Strung dangling tendrils of green crepe, stapled with different coloured butterflies & flowers on each strand.  Taped the 12-15 ft curtains to the walls.  Made smaller version for the doorway. Made tissue paper flowers with pipe cleaner stems. You can wrap these around anywhere, I was going to do each individual chair or along the green curtains but instead just strewn them all around the floor. Using more crepe paper, stapled streamers to helium balloons attached to it were one or two paper butterflies or flowers (looks like butterflies flying).  

FOOD: Flower Shaped Cookie Cutter (Strawberry jam sandwich), Butterfly Shaped Cookie Cutter (Turkey & Cheese sandwich), Fruit Tray (Strawberries, Grapes, Pineapple), Berry Fairy Pink Punch, Fairy Pink Lemonade, Iced Sweet Tea, PIXIE Sticks, BARBIE FAIRYTOPIA (Plastic Fairy figurine sitting inside a pink blossoming flower) CUPCAKE cake (WALMART SUPERCENTER BAKERY)- love the cupcake cake, no fuss, no cutting), if had time would have made flower shaped lollipop cookies & carved out cabbage w/spinach dip inside vegetable platter.

GAMES: Music was Barbie Fairytopia, High School Musical & Nutcracker. Hired someone dressed up as FAIRY QUEEN to lead the kids on their quest to earn their wings.  Kids learned a little dance to warm up. 

// FLOWER POT BEANBAG TOSS (bought 5 flowerpots taped twistable flowers to the back)-kids tried to get at least 1 beanbag into any of the pots

// FLOWERPOT RING TOSS (inverted flowerpot, stuck a large twistable flower in the middle-kids tried to get at least one ring over the flower) [Kids earned flower ribbon skirt from ebay]

// PIN THE WINGS ON THE FAIRY - handmade this game (like pin the tail on the donkey) [earned jeweled flower rings from OTC]

// FAIRY QUEEN SAYS (like SIMON SAYS) can be fairy flight training like practicing to swoop, glide, flutter or play FAIRY FAIRY PIXIE (like Duck Duck Goose) with freeze wands or fly free wands" [earn flashing butterfly wands from Walmart 98cents]

// BOUNCE HOUSE MOONWALK (like Fairy Flight Training)kids jump around in bouncer // those tired of jumping in bounce house could have face painted by FAIRY QUEEN (great job painting kid's faces like butterflies w/ antennaes)

// MUSICAL FLOWER FAIRY DANCE (like musical chairs) flower felt cutouts on the floor removing one each time music stops the outted fairy [earns vial of pixie dust(helps them fly better) from Walmart made of glitter/plastic vials]

// DECORATE FAIRY WINGS (kids have earned their wings after adventure) wings from Target after Halloween discounted to $1 w/ wands too or you can find them if you're lucky at Dollar Stores. Decorated Wings with stick on gems pearlized flowers stick on foam flowers all from OTC

// After tea party & b-day cake OPENED PRESENTS in a fairy circle

// FLOWER SHAPED PINATA filled w/candy/toys

//  SCAVENGER HUNT FOR NAMED FAVOUR BAGS (hid their favour bags around so kids had to scramble to find theirs)- Fairy Queen said she lost her treasured jewels could kids help find them and whatever bag they found they get to keep and take home.

FAVOURS: Flower Ribbon skirt Butterfly Flashing Wand Jeweled Ring Fairy Wings Vial of Pixie Dust // Favour Bags - in a giftbag with cloth flower in front(OTC) had glitter lipgloss ring bodyglitter nailpolish tinkerbell pencil & eraser tinkerbell pink clear purse make your own beaded bracelet tube mini princess crown bubble wand butterfly tattoes fairy doll pink fairy figurine with star wand fairy themed colouring/activity pages crayons w/ self stick label featuring a pic of my child in fairy costume & script "GL's 6th b-day! Hope you had Fun!" Everything in favour/goodie bag was bought at Dollar Store or OTC.

THANK YOU NOTES:  Same Fairy Princess cutout as invitation on cardstock On the skirt wrote:  //  DEAR (blank line to write guest name)   Thank you FAIRY much for the (write gift rec'd).  Your gift was fit for a Princess!  Hope you had a FAIRY good time!  Thank you for coming to celebrate my b-day with me!  Your Friend  GL.  Well that's it!  It was a lot of planning and work but well worth it for my child.  All the girls loved it and I'm sure we'll hear about it over and over again. "

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