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karenia in Denton tx USA


January 2007


Honorable Mention

We held a fairy princess tea party.      

The invitations were hand deliverd and were little plastic shoes (wedding place card holders on clearance at walmart for $2.00) and clearance stationary from walmart with a little shoe on it for $2.00)  My daughter went up to each little girls house and served the invitaions on a fancy velvet pillow that we had made, and still are using in our living room!     

Each girl was invited to dress fancy" (either a princess dress or a fancy dress dress they owned already" (most wore christmass dress some wore princess costumes and one wore a little brides mades dress that she had worn to a wedding.)One little girl wore a red christmas elf outfit! So cute!       

Each little girl was given a flower head wreath when she came in that we made out of florist wire and tape and flowers that had fallen out of bins at our local craft store that they said we could have for free and some satin ribbons that I bought on clearance for .50 cents a roll.   

When the girls came in they had their choice of pink/purple nail polish $1.00 a bottle. Then each girl got a little diamond shape applied to their fingernails $1.00 a box.    

Then the children while waiting for their nails to try were served a "princess punch" of 7-up and sherbert served in plastic heart flutes 2 for $1.00. We wrote each girls name on the fluted plastic glasses with glitter pen.     While they drank their punch and waitied for nails to dry we applied blush to their cheeks($1.00) and gave them little plastic clip on earings to wear for the party. (2/for $1.00 at walmart) and a ring lip gloss (6 for $1.50 at walmart) At the end of the party these items went into their gift bags as well.    

Each girl was given a fan (I ordered from the internet for .50 each) and they decorated them with markers glitter glue buttons bits of ribbon lace and stickers any thing that I basically had around the house.     We set the table with fancy items that we already had in the house left over from a wedding a carnation topiary and some purple candles that we rolled in glue and purple glitter. (we did NOT light the candles due to the crepe paper decorations!)My daughter and I decorated around the room with reuseable fairy stickers from the $1.00 store    

I served choclate milk in tea pots into real tea cups and served the cake on real dishes. (but I did use purple plastic forks and spoons from the $1.00 store)And a cake with my daughters picture on it from Sams for $17.00    I made a tent of streamers using 4 or 5 rolls of paper streamers pinned into the ceiling total cost- under $5.00 (I glued the streames onto a card board circle so that I can use them again)     The gift bags were also from the dollars store and they looked like little pocket books we wrote their names on each bag in glitter pen and tied the ballons to each bag. My daughter made picture frames with purple glitter and popcickle sticks and each bag contained a picture frame their fancy fans the fluted plastic glasses. Earings and lipgloss. At the end of the party the girls went around the room and took the reuseable fairy stickers off the wall and applied them to their little pocket books.    

We took a picture of each girl in her "Princess" attire with my daughter and inserted them into the picture frames my daughter made in the goody bag(we printed them at home on regular paper).       

It was all really fancy the girls loved the pampering and it was very personal. The time my daughter and I spent making the frames and decorating for her party was priceless to me. And my 'manly man' husband painting ten little girl's fingernails.  A mental picture I won't ever forget makes me smile every time I think of it!      Each parent raved to me how they loved the whole thing. It was very personal and fancy it was geared to each child and it was really fun.                   

I have pictures available too.  The cost broke down to this; 
Balloons.2/bags @ 1.35 each  helium was xtra.                     
Streamers.5 rolls @ .89 each                     
Plastic forkspoons.1pack@ 1.00                     
Fairy stickers.1pack@ 1.00 each                     
Fairy napkins.1pack@ 1.00                     
Flower headbands. >.50 each 
Every other item was something we had or borrowed         
FREE  FOOD ITEMS;                    
Cake         $17.00   at sams                     
Chockalate milk..          3.00 gal                     
7 Up..2 bottles @           .89 liter                     
Sherbert.2 gallons @          1.89 each 
GIFT BAGS;                     
Bags          $1.00 each                     
Heart flutes.        2/$1.00                      
Picture frames..           >50. each                     
pictures..           >.05 each                     
Earings           .50 each                     
lip gloss rings.            .40 each Activities;                     
Nail polish..            2.00 for 2 bottles                     
Gem aplications.            1.00 for a bottle                     
Blush..            1.00 1 compact                     
Fans             .50 per fan
Plastic shoes..             2.00                     
Invites..             2.00 

NOTE; I loved the fact that the flower head bands balloons gift bags and fairy stickers did double duty as decorations and as gifts to each child! Making the fans helped me get rid of bits of odd items that I had lying around the house!  And that was our Fairy Princess tea party. "

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