Princess Party

Disney Princess 2-4yr - Pink Purple & White




Jill in Delran, NJ


November 2006


Runner Up

Theme: Disney Princesses  For: a 2 year and a 4 year old girl  Guests: 11 girls ages 2-5  Colors: Pink, Purple, White  

Invitations: I cut castles out of cardstock and glued a picture of my girls dressed as snow white and aurora in the "doorway" and in each the 3 "windows" I glued 2 princesses.  I glued the castles to another piece of card stock so on the inside I could write "Hear Ye! Hear Ye! You are invited to attend a royal birthday celebration honoring Princess Alexandra who's turning 4 and Princess Elizabeth who's turning 2.  Have your carriage arrive by 11:00 a.m. at ____ Castle.  Please ring the King and Queen to announce if you will be in attendance.  Come dressed in your finest princess attire." 

Decorations: balloons in party colors, window clings with the Princesses on them, an inflatable indoor castle with princesses on it, princess toys displayed everywhere, and I colored pictures of all the princes and princesses that I got from many different web sites that I mounted on cardstock in the party colors, and I had princess music playing in the background. 

Games: I wanted to do a game for each princess and an activity as guests arrived.  I put all 6 of my daughter's Princess Dolls in 6 paper bags.  Then before the princess's game/activity I gave clues to what princess was hiding in the bag and once they guessed correctly I removed the bag and explained the next game or activity to go with that princess. As the children played the game I played a song from that princess's movie.  Also after each game prize was awarded or activity finished, the child's parents put their items in their goody bags that were displayed along the mantle.  

1) Starter activity: I cut out castles and glued them to big pieces of construction paper and the children colored the castle and then used foam stickers to create a medieval scene while waiting for other kids to arrive. 

2)story: to start the games/activities off I read a story that had all 6 princesses in it and explained who everyone was and what story went with. 

3)  Cinderella's Lost Shoe: One child left the room and dropped Cinderella's glass slipper on the steps and then someone else hid that slipper.  While the person was out of the room my husband took their picture in front of the blow up castle to be used for thank you cards since she was dressed up as princess.  Once the child returned to the group, they had to find the glass slipper and pick the next person to drop the slipper.  Prizes: Cinderella pencils 

4) Sleeping Beauty Wands: The kids made magic wands using wooden dowels, stars cut from foam, ribbons, and they decorated them with little foam shapes.  All materials were in baggies and baskets ready to go. 

5)  Ariel's Scavenger Hunt: Since Ariel doesn't know the names of things from the human world the guests had to go on a scavenger hunt to find 7 birthday party things that Ariel had written clues about (party hat, candles, plates, balloon, bow, cookbook, and spoon).  Once the clue was read, I uncovered a picture of the item (so the little ones could see what to look for) and they had to find that object which was laying in sight somewhere downstairs.  As each item was found it was put in an Ariel backpack.  My husband placed the 7 items out while we were making the wands.  Prizes: seashells from Ariel for helping her out 

6) Jasmine's Cave of Wonder:  Each child had to go into the cave of wonder (a pop up tent) and dig through the sand in 3 shoeboxes ranging in size to find a ring in the first, a bracelet in the second, and a necklace in the third. 

7) Snow White's Poison Apple Game:  The kids sat in a circle and passed around an apple while my husband played The Work Song.  Once the music stopped whoever had the apple took a bite and pretended to be asleep for the rest of the game.  The last person holding the apple won Snow White stickers.  Prizes for the sleeping princesses: my nephew (the prince) handed out Hershey kisses wrapped in tulle to wake each princess up.  The kids loved pretending to be asleep, especially my 2 year old to my surprise. 

8) Bell's Mirror: Since the Beast used a mirror to see outside his castle the children decorated the backs of hand held mirrors with stick on gems.  They figured the more jewels the better.  Extra Time:  While the kids were eating their lunch I put a basket with every princess toy and book we own (except the Polly Pockets because of small pieces so I used them to decorate.  This way the kids had something to play with while they waited for everyone to finish eating.  I didn't have any toys out earlier so the children would stay focused on the games. 

Food:  We had lunch for the adults and kids and just kept it simple with cold cut sandwiches and salads.  For the kids I made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cut them out using a star cookie cutter.  However, I made spinach dip in Cinderella's coach (I painted 2 horses and a pumpkin white, then cut off the top of the pumpkin to insert the bowl, used pipe cleaners to make the wheels and attach the horses, I then added a coachman). 

Dessert:  I made a layered castle cake in the party colors and added ice cream cones to make it look more like a castle.  I printed out the 6 princesses pictures and laminated them to put on the cake for windows.  I made cupcakes with pink and purple icing.  I also made butter cookies in star and glass slipper shapes.  I put out Princess Fruit snacks in a princess bowl too. 

Goody Bags:  Once again I cut out castles from card stock and glued them to gift bags in the party colors.  In the castle doorway I wrote the child's name and used princess stickers for the windows.  Aside from 6 items from the games/activities I included only Disney princess stuff that I have been buying for months (dollar store, target): mini-book, lip gloss, stampers, glitter glue pen, roll stamper/marker, crayons, stickers, fruit snacks, erasers, and gloves.  I then made a coloring book using pictures off the internet and on the last page I wrote Thank you for coming to our birthday party.  Love, Alexandra and Elizabeth. 

Favors:  Every person that came to the party (adults and kids) got a magic wand on their way out (a rice krispie star cut our from a cookie cutter on a wooden dowel covered with a candy bag and ribbon) with a tag of the picture of my kids in the princess dresses saying Thank you for coming to our party.  Thank Yous: I made my own thank you cards on the computer.  On the cover I used the picture of each child standing in front of the big inflatable cake. 

This party was planned out for the last year and took hours and hours of work but it was worth every minute of it once I saw how much fun my daughters and their guests had at the party.  I had to be really organized for the party to run smooth-which it did. I got a lot of great ideas from this web site and added some of my own.  Now I guess I will start working on next year's party.

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