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Jamie in Columbus, Ohio USA


August 2006


Special Mention

I apologize if parts of this seem kind of random, I am trying to remember everything we did.  :)  This year my daughter wanted to have a Disney Princess Party for her 3rd birthday. 

We made the invitations ourselves.  First I bought one of the Cinderella glass slipper stickers (found in the scrapbooking section of Jo Ann Fabrics) and traced it onto glitter paper that had an adhesive backing to it.  (also found at Jo Ann's)  I cut those out and put them on the front of blue cardstock that I had cut to fit the envelopes that I had gotten.  On the inside, I had printed out the invitation onto smaller vellum sheets and used double stick tape to adhere them to the cardstock.  I closed the invitation and used a piece of white sheer ribbon to keep it closed.  I used wording that I had found on this website..."Hear ye, Hear ye!  All ye Princesses, Princes, Kings and Queens of the land!  You are most cordially invited to attend the Third Birthday Celebration of Princess______ (child's name) .  This event will be held at the ________(last name) Castle _________(your address) in the Kingdom of _________(your city)  This celebration will commence on ________(date and time of party) Queen _____(your name) has requested that all Princesses and Princes come in Royal Attire for the Royal Ball.  Please bring your commoner clothes to change into after the ball.  Please RSVP to the King or Queen at ________ (your phone number) before _______(date)  The invitations turned out beautifully and I also received a couple of RSVP's that were written back in similar styles.  It was very cute and I received a TON of complements on them!  

The week before the party, I made the cakes.  To make the cake I wanted, I needed to make 6 cakes and freeze them.  So the day before the party, I thawed the cakes and iced them (with the help of an awesome friend!)  I used the Disney Princess Deluxe Cake kit.  (this cake is pretty difficult to make and took 7.5 hours to decorate!)   

I had wanted the playroom to look like a ballroom so the day before the party, I covered a chair I had in red fabric to make it look like a throne and I covered the entire ceiling of my playroom in white lights and blue tulle.  This took some figuring out.  We found that the best way to hang them up there was to use small thumbtacks or push pins.  We kept puncturing the wires when we used a staple gun.  I also hung some princess decorations that I had found at the party store.  The room looked beautiful with the chandelier hanging down in the center of the room and the white lights twinkling! 

I had also taken all of the toys out of that room so that the kids would have plenty of room to dance.   I had put a backdrop of a castle on my front door so that was the first thing you saw when you walked up to the house.  I had found handtowels that were pink with "Princess" embroidered on them and a maribu trim on the bottom at a dollar store for $2 for two towels.  I also had a friend write on the bathroom mirror "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall who is the fairest of them all..."   My daughter has this HUGE Cinderella pop up tent so we brought it down to the living room and put her vanity table in it along with an old trunk filled with dress up clothes, jewelry, wigs, shoes, hats, everything!  The girls had a great time going in it to get more dressed up.  They all looked so beautiful in their dress up dresses! 

When each girl and boy arrived, they were given tiaras and wands or crowns and swords.  I found the tiaras at Walmart for $.98 each and we made the wands with foam stars and gold spray painted wooden dowels.  Then we glued glitter to the wands and put ribbons on them.  The crowns were from Burger King.  We covered up the Burger King logo with a little construction paper circle that had each boy's name on it.  They were given swords that I found at Target $1.99 each.  

Since the party was at 3pm, I wanted to keep the food simple. We had cake (of course) chips, pretzel rods dipped in chocolate and rolled in sprinkles, strawberries and grapes (my daughter's favorite fruits), princess gummi bracelets, and instead of buying a 1/2 gallon of ice cream and having to go through the mess of doling it out, I bought little ice cream cups in strawberry, vanilla and chocolate.  Very easy and clean!  I also made a punch using Rasberry sherbert and Sprite. Always a hit!  

For games, we had a pinata which I filled with toostie rolls, smarties, dum dum suckers and hershey's kisses.  I hate getting those pinata mixes with all the toys that you throw away and the gum and hard candy that I do not give my kids. 

I also played "Pass the Poison Apple" - a slightly different version of Hot Potato.  It worked great until my 4 year old decided to eat the apple!  

We also played Cinderella's Freeze Dance.  The kids had to stop dancing when the music stopped.  While trying to get ideas for the girl's goody bags, I ran across www.hasbro.com.  I went to the replacement parts section where I found that for $3.19 (shipping and tax included with that price) I could get all the jewelry, tiara, shoes, and stickers from the Pretty Pretty Princess Cinderella game!!!  What a steal!!  I ordered 3 so that I would have enough jewelry for each girl.  

Here is what I did with all the things it came with:  I gave each girl a set of the jewelry (necklace, bracelet, earrings, ring), I used the little sticker gems it comes with to dress up some plastic wine glasses I bought at  a party store ( I had enough to do 40 glasses with the 3 sets!)  I used the container to put some make up that I was going to put on the girls, but didn't end up using.  Then I hot glued the little heels to hair bows that I made for each girl.  (I'll get to that) 

For the girl's goody bags, they got a set of jewelry, a princess fruit snack, a fake diamond ring ($1.99 for 12 at a party store in the wedding aisle), a glass slipper (at Jo Ann Fabrics), chocolate gold coins, and some "Fairy Godmother's Dust" (glitter in a colorful containter) which was told to be only used outside to make the plants grow.  All this was put in a clear goody back and secured at the top with a white and purple, pink or yellow korker bow that I made.  I had attached the Cinderella heel (from the game pieces) to the center of each bow.

For the boy's goody bags, they got a small watergun, a small water squirter, chocolate gold coins, a glass slipper, Finding Nemo fruit snack and a small Lego kit.  The older boys received LEGO Kingdom Knights Catapult sets ($1.98 at Walmart) and the younger boys received a Mega Blocks Dinosaur (it looked like a dragon and was $.98 at Walmart)  

For thank you cards, I found Princess photo frames and it turned out that they opened up to a Thank you card!  I printed out pictures of my daughter and put them in the frame.  (I would have put pictures of the kids, but I didn't have a picture of each kid so I just put pictures of my daughter instead)  All in all the day turned out pretty well.  We had 12 kids at the party and they were all very well behaved despite the heat.

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