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Princess Gala 5yr - Sugar Cube Castles




Carla in New Market, Maryland                 


March 2005


Special Mention

My daughter absolutely loves the disney princesses, so for her 5th birthday we decided to have a princess party gala.  It required alot of prep work but it was really done at a very minimal cost and everyone including the adults had a wonderful time.  

I started with the invitations, I used pink cardstock and printed the invitation on my computer on a regular 8 1/2 x 11 sheet. I then attached a same size piece of velum by punching two holes 4 inches apart at the top of both pieces and tying it with pink ribbon.  The invitation read:  Hear Ye, Hear Ye!  The King of (your last name)Land has requested that Princess (invitee's name) be  cordially invited to the 5th birthday party gala of Princess (your daughters name).  The Festivities will commence at 2:00 p.m. and will include, crafts, games, special treats prepared by the palace cook and a Royal Ball.  The King has requested that you come dressed in your most royal attire.  Please have your carriage arrive back for you at 4:30 when the festivities will cease.  Please RSVP the queen Mother as she will need to prepare the castle for your visit. This promises to be a magical experience for all.

The invitation turned out so well that I had mother's calling me to say that it was beautiful and that they were showing it to other mothers to give them an idea what to do for their childs birthday. It was an inexpensive way to have something very nice and we had fun creating it.  

I had painted a faux castle onto a refrigerator box and we put it at the front door.  I had also gotten a roll of pink plastic table cover and made a runner up the driveway and to the front door.  The arrival of each little princess was very grand.  My husband, myself, grandparents and friends were all dressed in royal attire and greeted each child as they came in.  This too was very inexpensive as we used, old suits, wedding dresses, gowns, or $5 thrift store finds and added a crown or two.  Our daughter got a big kick out of us all dressing up! 

As each princess came in we took a picture with them and our little princess, this way when we send thank you notes we also have a picture to send also.  We did this in our living room which we had renamed Belle's garden.  Prior to the party I had ransacked, (with permission of course) my friends and families houses for all their artificial plants and flowers.  The whole room was filled with flowers and made a great photo spot.   

We then went to the kitchen which had been decorated with all of Ariel's things, we renamed this room as Ariel's Treasures.  Here we made sugar cube castles and magic wands.  I had made prior to the day little kits for the wands that included wooden star wands,(found at the local craft store for 50 cents) stickers, ribbons, garland, and hair ribbons with little things that dangled from them.  The hair ribbons could be used by them at a later date, when they were done with the wand.  The kids really enjoyed the crafts and were excited to take them home to their parents. 

After all the kids were done we went back to Belle's garden and took a group picture of all the princesses.  What a Shot!   My husband then knocked at the door and announced: Hear Ye, Hear Ye! By order of the King, All princesses at the (your name here)Castle are hereby requested to prepare thyselves, as the Royal Ball is about to commence!   We then took them to the basement and lined them up. 

We had decorated this area as the ballroom with tulle and ribbon and balloons,and also made a pink carpet instead of the red carpet so as each princess came in they were escorted by the king (my husband) and announced as Princess (first name) from the house of (last name). They were all were beaming from ear to ear as they came in, this was so cute.  

We then played Jasmine's magical carpets.  For this game we used 8 1/2 x 11 pieces of Felt as their magic carpets and played musical chairs with them.  (We did this to the song a whole new World).  As each princess got out we cheered them and gave them a prize.  We then played pin the wing on tinkerbell.  Which we used a poster of tinkerbell and cut out wings on plain paper. 

Next we played pass the poison apple and as each princess was left with the apple, they then were turned into Snow White and had to go to the side and pretend to fall asleep.  When the final princess was left, she woke them all with a prize.

Finally we did a Princess pull string pinata filled with candy and dollar store jewelry.    It was then announced that the palace cook had prepared a sweet treat for each of them and they were to go into the dining room.  We had this decorated with tulle, ribbons, balloons and they coordinating Belle paper products.  Each princess took a seat and we had cake, ice cream and punch.  Instead of ordering an expensive cake from a  bakery, I ordered one from the local wholesale club, (who makes great cakes I might add) I just had them put pale yellow and pink roses on it and we added a crown.  It was beautiful and didn't cost a fortune.    We finally adjourned back into Belle's garden where the birthday princess opened her gifts. 

As each princess was leaving, my daughter thanked them for coming and gave them a small gift.  Prior to the party, I had created a cd on my computer with all the princesses songs as well as a few others in memory of the day.  We had this play throughout the party.  We also made enough for all of our visiting princesses.  We gave them this as they left.  We wrapped it in tulle with a ribbon and a note that read: Thank you for sharing in (daughter's name) special day, May this always remind you of a very magical day.   

We had a wonderful day and my daughter told me that I was the bestest. We typically have a lot of parties at our house and never have I had such positive feedback as we have had from this one.  It's a week later and I'm still having people call me to say how much they enjoyed the day.

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