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Princess Party 7yr - Punch in Goblets




Stacy in Johnson City, TN USA


Dec 2002



For my daughter's 7th birthday we threw her a Princess Party. I spent some time researching for idea's and shopping for supplies but it was well worth it.  I started off by buying the Little Princess Party package that is available through Birthday Express online.  I bought the deluxe package that came with everything for a party of 8 kids.  I bought more cups/plates & napkins at the Dollar Tree for parents that may attend.  I wanted to stick to a royal color and choose purple to compliment the color's in the castle design on the plates & napkins. This was also a favorite color of my daughter's. The package also came with cleaver castle box treat boxes.  It came with a few favor's including sticker's, necklaces, bracelets, rubber stamps, & mini-goblets.  I felt I wanted to add to this and purchased bubbles, candy necklaces, chocolate coins placed in a purple sachet found in the wedding supplies at Wal-Mart, mini markers, a Xerox copy of a tiara they could color found out of a coloring book my daughter had, Disney fruit snacks, and some magical cookies I found at Target during Halloween. Since we were inviting boys to her party too I added dragon figurines or puzzles to their treat boxes.  I kinda went over board but it was so much fun shopping for all these items.  We wanted it to be a dress up party and for everyone to come in costume.  I bought princess star wands for every girl along with more jewelry and the boys I bought swords and shields.

In order to make this party sound really magical and exciting I did a little extra work on the invitations using my computer.  I found scroll paper at Wal-Mart and printed on them in purple/red ink and Old English font.  This is how we worded the invitation:            "Hear ye, Hear ye… Calling all Prince and Princesses of the    Kingdom to a Royal Celebration!" By order of the King and Queen, Princess or Prince_______? Is cordially invited to the McKnight Castle to celebrate Princess Brittany's 7th birthday!  The Royal celebration will begin Saturday at 2:00 in the afternoon on the 14th of December.  The King has asked for each lady to come in her favorite princess costume, and the gentlemen are asked to come in their regal finest, fit for a prince.  Upon your carriage's arrival, princesses will be greeted with royal wands and gems.  Each prince will be knighted and shall receive a sword and shield as symbols of bravery.  The royal cook has prepared a feast of desserts for the celebration, including cake, punch & ice cream.  There shall also be games crafts and fun for all.  Then the excitement will heighten during the defeat of the dreaded piñata dragon. Have your carriage arrive for you at 4:30 in the afternoon when the celebration commences.  Please RSVP with the Queen Mom if you plan to attend this royal gala.  The castle needs to plan for your arrival.  This is to be a magical celebration not to be missed!  After these were sent out plenty of mom's commented on how excited their children were about this party and how fun the invitation was.  That was really nice to hear after so much thought had gone into this special day for my little girl.

We decorated the house in purple balloons, purple table cloths and streamers.  I made signs on the computer for everything.  Signs that told you where the princess castle was and such.  When the big day arrived everyone entered the door that read, Castle of McKnight and a frog found in the lawn and garden section of Wal-Mart, blew bubbles at you and he wore a crown with my daughter's name on it. All the little girls looked so pretty in their dresses and they received their wands and gems.  Boys came as knight's and princes got their swords and shields.  The kids played in a pop-up Disney play castle I purchased at Sears and now also found at Wal-Mart.  They sat down in chairs I purchased from the dollar store at my coffee table to make decorated princess hats and crowns with jewels, stickers and glitter glue. This was just the right size table for their age. They played, put the shoe on Cinderella game, along with musical chairs, and a ring toss.  The prize for this was a ring pop. 

The cake was a castle design I had specially made at a bakery in town.  Punch was served in goblets I made from plastic wine glasses with glitter glue designs on the outside to make them sparkle.  The kids loved drinking from such fancy glasses.  Present's were opened after everyone was finished eating and the birthday girl sat in a special royal princess chair we decorated with purple fabric and red Christmas rope for the tree.  Each child presented their gift to my daughter after she called out their name.  Then it was off to the basement we turned into a dungeon with Halloween decorations used to make it a little spooky.  That's were the kids found the dragon piñata to break open.  I handed out large ziplock bags with their names on them to avoid any fights over who's candy was who's.  I filled the piñata with blow horns, jewelry rings, glow in the dark stars, glitter confetti, chocolate coins, gum balls, lollipops, taffy and other kiddie candy mix. All this was found at the dollar store which didn't cost me too much.  After the candy was collected a treasure hunt was played.  I taped up pictures out of a Sleeping Beauty book all over the house with clue's under each picture.  These took you to other rooms in the house.  At the end the treasure was found in the basement.  The treasure box was a little plastic one my daughter had I filled with candy, but you could decorate a shoe box if you couldn't find one in the store.  To have the kids calm down before their parents arrived to pick them up I had made up coloring pages of princesses, knight's and castles to color.  I played the movie of Sleeping Beauty also to have them sit down if they didn't want to color.  Everything went smoothly, the kids went home with tons of favor's and the parent's were very impressed.  It was a birthday we will not soon forget. I would recommend this party highly for a group of young kids with both boys and girls invited. I hope my idea's help other's out there.

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