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Princess Party 7yr -  Princess Throne




Shannon in Greenfield Center, NY, USA


August 2006


Special Mention

For my daughter's 7th birthday, I threw her a Princess party.  She knew only a few of the details, the invitations being one of them.  We printed them on pink paper with a pink sparkly rose overlay.  We punched holes in the top and tied sparkly pink ribbon in bows.  Each invitation had Princess ___________ at the top in bigger print than the rest.  The invitation said: Hear Ye, Hear Ye!  Attention one and all.  Princess __________ has been invited to a royal ball!  The fair princess (my daughter's name)has requested your presence at her 7 year royal birthday celebration.  Festivities will include a royal banquet, dancing, crafts, games and fun for all!  This most joyous occasion commences on (Date & Time).  Have your carriage arrive for you at (Time) at the conclusion of the celebration.  The castle is located at (Address).  Please come dressed in your most royal attire as your favorite princess.  Royal crowns and wands will be provided.  Please RSVP (#) by (Date) so the Queen can prepare the castle for your arrival.  This promises to be a magical experience for all!  We mailed them in printed pink envelopes with Princess (Name& Address) and roses on the sides. 

When the girls arrived, I was dressed as the Queen (gold crown and all!) they were handed a jeweled crown and wand (silver wand that I hot glued irridescent jewels on and tied irridescent ribbons to) and waited for all the other princesses to arrive.  Once they were all here, my daughter was the first to walk down the royal carpet (shimmery silver material lined with balloons to the front porch).  They were all announced as Princess so and so with Disney Princess music playing in the background.  The front door had a castle scene on it.  There were flower petals all over the porch and steps and we had a huge arch decorated with roses, tulle and shimmery ribbon.  We had balloons tied all over the porch and tulle bows tied around all of the posts.  All of the girls pictures were taken and later printed and placed in silver frames with jewels hot glued on them.  Once inside, they were taken to the back porch which was decorated with pink and purple tulle, balloons, white lights around the entire porch and 2 long tables with pink table cloths.  There were rose petals covering the floor.  Spread out on the tables were their very own drawstring bags with their names and roses stenciled on and organza heart drawstring bags for each of them.  The queen then explained that the large bags were for all of the goodies they would be taking home.  The small bags were for crystal beads they earned playing princess games. 

There were 6 different games.  Pin the crown on Cinderella - I bought a poster of Cinderella and put it on the refrigerator.  I bought foam crowns and put the girls' names on them with pretty scrapbook sticker along with some gemstones.  I put magnets on the back so that they could take them home when they were done and they didn't ruin the poster!  Sleeping Beauty Says - played just like Simon Says. Snow White's Poison Apple - we played a Snow White song as they girls passed around the poison apple.  When the music stopped, whoever was holding the apple had to go lay down and sleep.  The winner went around and woke up all the girls with a Kiss (Hershey Kisses).  Ariel's Gemstone Guessing Game - My daughter started with a gemstone.  All the girls had to close their eyes until my daughter put the stone in one of the girls' hands.  When she was back in place, I had the girls open their eyes and I picked a girl to guess who had the stone.  If she guessed right, she got to hide the stone.  If she guessed wrong, the girl that she picked got to guess.  It kept going until someone guessed right.  Jasmine's Musical Magic Carpets - played like musical chairs but I used sparkly felt rectangle sheets for the carpets.  & Belle's Freeze Dance.  Each Princess had their own color crystal.  After each game, we went back to the craft table so they could put their prizes in their big bags and their gems in the smaller bags.  When the games were done,   I had two helpers who made the girl's necklaces with the crystals while they did crafts.  Each girl received a prize for each game so there were no tears.  Prizes included Princess makeup and tatoos in organza bags, rhinestone bracelets in organza box that had gems glued on it, sparkle pads & pens along with body jewels in a white paper bag decorated with princess stickers, butterfly boxes with plastic jewelry, hershey kisses in tulle with ribbon, cello bags filled with princess sticker books, headbands, frames, etc. 

We played a few of the games and then had lunch which consisted of Tiara sandwich of their choice, chips & dip, fruit & Dip and princess punch.  I had the dining room set up with the interactive princess tablecloth, plates, napkins, princess goblets (which they got to take home), balloons, personalized candy bars with Princess so and so on them for their place cards and balloons.  I had tulle and white lights drapes around and from the ceiling I had 4 sets of white garland with balloons hanging from them.  My daughter's birthday "throne" was a white wicker chair with a huge tulle bow tied around the back.  We tied a huge princess cake balloon, two smaller princess mylars and 5 flower and butterfly printed latex.  The cushion was covered with a shimmery material.  They played the interactive game on the tablecloth while waiting for their lunch.  I bought a small tiered cake that was white and pink which they had with ice cream.  We opened presents and then did three different crafts.  We decorated princess bears, made princess diaries and did a magnet of their choice (wand, crown or slipper).  They also had a princess pullstring pinata that they got to do also.  The rest of the house was decorated with tulle and balloons.  They also received the goody bags that came with the party pack that had a ton of stuff in them!  I had about 900 yards of tulle tied all over and about 175 balloons.  The biggest surprise for my daughter was my costume!!  She was so excited and all the girls kept telling her it was the best birthday ever!  It was so worth it.  She wanted to know if we could do the same party next year!!    It truly was a magical experience for all!    A lot of the prizes I bought here and there locally and online.  Special thanks to the people on this website.  I used ideas from about 5 or six of your postings and incorporated them into my party.

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