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Brave Movie -4yr- Change Your Fate Party




Patricia in Kathleen Georgia


July 2013


Runner Up

Anyone with a daughter can relate to the Disney movie Brave. So when my daughter turned 4 we chose this as her theme.

INVITATIONS: I used Power Point to create an image that looked like a movie ticket to see Brave. If you are not familiar with Power Point you can buy versions of these on Etsy. They were a hit with everyone, and I received a lot of complements on how clever it was. Its also a good idea when you have a princess theme to let parents know on the invitation if there is dress up/no dress up policy. That can be printed or written on the back.

DECORATIONS: I went to the local fabric store on a holiday weekend and got a great deal on the Madras print fabrics which look like the kilts they wear in the movie. I got 2 yards of each I green, brown, purple and blue. I pinned the brown Madras to the wall behind the food table and used the purple Madras as the table cloth below it. I bought the Brave birthday banner they have at the local party store and tacked that on top of the brown Madras. There are really good templates for birthday banners online if you have the time to print it out.  I used my daughters doll castle as a centerpiece on the food table and placed small Brave figures on it. It looked really cute. I bought the stuffed triplet bears from the Disney store and placed them on and around a cupcake stand.

For the wisps I got blue balloons and blue glow sticks from the dollar store (3 pack for a $1) and blew up the balloons, cracked the glow stick and placed them inside the balloon. One room that we were going to show the movie in was pitch black and we put the balloons in there.  It looked just like the wisps glowing and that was the first thing my daughter took everyone to see when they showed up. I went to Michaels and found some greenery and purple flowers on clearance and put those in small glass bowls to add a little pretty to the table.  I also got a crow decoration from Michaels and placed it on a glass bee hive drink dispenser with a sign that said crafty carver made from wood (this can be made from any wood working place you find on Etsy that takes custom orders) and in a black witches cauldron we made potion. 

PARTY SNACKS: The potion in the caldron was blue Hawaiian Punch with dry ice. It made lots of smoke and the kids played with it more than they drank it. Make sure that you get the food grade dry ice. If you have a Publix grocery store or one like it they will have the dry ice you need.  I went with movie food because not many would want to eat Haggis. I have a small popcorn machine and put that and a large glass punch bowl full of popcorn on the table near the castle décor.

We had various size bowls in blue green pink and orange full of movie candy  like Skittles, Reeses Pieces, M&M’s and Milk Duds. One bowl I had chocolate teddy grahams like the little brother bears. We also had a large crock pot full of Riccos brand Nacho cheese. It comes in a large can and you need to mix water or milk in to get the right consistency. I got that and Mission brand round nacho chips and jalapenos from Walmart. I also made the Scottish sweet buns that the boys area always trying to eat in the movie. Its basically a cinnamon bun with cream cheese frosting and a cherry on top, but it looked really cute next to the bears. You can find that recipe on the disney website.

GAMES: Pin the arrow on the Target of course. Using a push pin tied to one end of some string, I placed the pin in what I estimated the middle of the poster board was and tied a pencil to the other end of that string and made 4 different size circles in different colors. Shortening or lengthening the string tied to the pencil will change the circle size. Then I cut out the arrows from construction paper in different colors. I had seen a great idea for a DIY bow and arrow but I didn’t need 4 year olds running around shooting everything but that might be a good idea if your child is older. 

HIDE THE HAGGIS: I printed out pictures of haggis and placed them on the seats of chairs. It’s played just like musical chairs except when you sit down you are hiding the haggis. If you don’t find a seat, you are not hiding the haggis and are out. The music we played touch the sky from the movie soundtrack.

PINATA: I like to put other things besides just candy and since Merida loves her horse, we got a horse shaped piñata and filled it with horse finger puppets and Merida lip gloss lockets, along with a little bag of starbursts and mini chocolates. 

FAVORS: I found an amazing deal on the Disney store website. They had their Brave metal thermos drinking cups on sale for 60% off so I put those in a white lunch bag and found an image online that was Madras print like the table cloths. Cut out squares from that print and punched holes through the bag and square and put a piece of orange ribbon through to tie the square to the bag and to tie it shut.

CAKE: My favorite cupcake place made my daughters cake. It was teal with purple flowers and orange lettering in the same style font that Brave is spelled. I added little toys of Merida, her brothers and her Mom as a bear and displayed it on a round wooden plate.  I asked my daughter what her favorite part of her birthday was and she said presents….that’s a 4 year old for you, but the adults that were there were taking pictures of the décor, especially the witches potion, commenting on how they could incorporate that into something they wanted to do for their kids birthday. It was a success all the way around.

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