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Carli in Redmond, WA, USA


January 2012


Runner Up

My daughter absolutely loves all things princess, and so for her 5th birthday party we had a Royal Princess Celebration!

INVITATIONS:  The invitations were handmade with my daughter's help. We printed out pictures of a castle with a photo of my daughter and Cinderella (we had recently been to Disneyland) superimposed at the castle gate. On the back of the castle were the indications for the party: I wrote, Hear Ye Hear ye. Her Royal Highness Princess X would like to invite you to celebrate her birthday together with her." Day Time Location "Princess X's Castle" RSVP "To King and Queen X". Then attached to the castle invite was a scroll for each girl. Because I needed to ask the girls participation ahead of time in dressing up inside the scroll I wrote more specific indications for the party. I Wrote: "Hear ye Hear ye. Princess X would like to invite you to celebrate her 5th birthday DATE at TIME in the Royal Palace of ADDRESS. We would like to invite all the princesses of the kingdom to wear their most beautiful princess gown to celebrate this special event. Your carriages may bring you to the castle at X and may return to retrieve their princess before the clock strikes X. Princess X awaits your arrival for a party full of fun and surprises- a royal ball a beauty salon a royal dinner and much much more! Signed "The King and Queen".

We hand delivered the invitations. The invitations took some time but they were worth it! Her friends all kept them as a momento. The party was in the early evening so we rolled out a red carpet from our front gate to the entrance of our front door and lit candles all along the edges of the carpet going up to the door. We changed the doorway into a castle! We used rolls of large white paper and drew and painted a castle complete with towers and turits. In the windows of the castle we placed her favorite Disney princesses. The door of the castle covered our true doorway and we made it so that the door still easily open and shut so it was as if they were entering a castle! When they came in we had Disney princess music playing. The girls all came dressed up as princesses. My daughter was Belle and her little sister was Cinderella. I didn't want the boys to feel left out so I found a knight costume for her brother and made a no sew knight tunic for the other boy (http://www.ziggityzoom.com/activities.php?a=76). I dressed up as the fairygodmother and two of my friends who came to help dressed up as Cinderella bride and Snow White.

ACTIVITY:  As soon as they walked into the entrance way they were ushered to a table and began to make their own crown. We found these amazing 3D jewel stickers that the kids loved! Plus they were self-adhesive so no mess. They worked on decorating their crowns while they waited for all the other girls to arrive. I wanted to do something for the boys too! I made them sheilds out of thick cardboard (and duct tape for the handle) and covered them with white paper. I gave them sticker too and printouts I had cut out of dragons and lions that they could color and stick on their sheilds. If anyone finished early they could easily transition to the next station which was just down the hall- the Beauty Salon. The girls could get their nails painted and their make-up done. We helped them put on their new crowns at this station as well. The girls liked the stickers so much that most of them used them as earings too! The boys had their own options. They could have their faces painted. A few of the girls chose to as well.

When everyone had arrived and had finished both their crown and the beauty station we went outside and stood in front of the castle door entrance to take pictures of the group. They turned out so cute and I printed them out later as thank yous to the guests. Then we all went back inside and into my daughter's room. I gathered them all in a circle on the carpet and I sat on a chair and told them that I had a story to tell them. I read them the story of the Princess and the Pea. They were all in a trance and listened so well! Then I gave them all a princess sticker (or dragon stickers for the boys) for listening so well. Then I told them that they were all ready for the royal ball now! We went into the living room where we had decorated the room for the royal ball and next to it for the royal dinner. There was a huge handmade banner with all of the Disney Princesses on it that a friend had drawn for Aurora hanging up across the fireplace mantel and hanging from all over the room were balloons a happy birthday sign and hearts with the Disney princesses on them (from a Memory game my daughter has). The hearts hung down with sparkly ribbon. Everything was pink- my daughter's favorite color. It looked really pretty. I also used all her Disney princess dolls and toys for little touches here and there on shelfs or tables.

GAMES:  For the ball we played a game of freeze dance. I turned the music on and they all had to dance until I paused the music and then they had to freeze. I used Disney music for the game. I called out a way of dancing each time like: do your best silly dance or do your most princess-like dance or do your best hopping dance. The kids absolutely loved this game. Whoever got out could pick out a necklace (candy for the boys) and come help me pause the music. When we were done with the game we sat down for the royal dinner.

DECORATION: The table was decorated with a fancy pink tablecloth and plastic goblets and Disney princess plates and napkins. It was covered in princess confetti too. The girls each had a placetag with their name and a Disney princess on it that I had made for them. They liked them so much that they all took their goblets and placetags home with them!

FOOD:  We served the girls dinner pouring their drinks and serving them on their plates. For each food I made I places a tag in it with a picture of a princess and the name of the food. Like "Snow White's apples" "Belle's brioche" etc. After they had eaten their royal dinner we played another game. Pass Snow White's Poison Apple. I reminded them of the apple in the story of Snow White and said "So remember not to hold it long but pass it along!" Whoever was holding it when the music went off was out could come and get a princess wand (or a sword for the boys). When we had finished I told them we had one more game. I took them in the hall and explained the game. I reminded them of the story of the Princess and the Pea and asked them how they knew she was a real princess. They all shouted "The Pea!" So I said "Now we will see if any of you are real princesses" and I showed them a pea. I brought them into my other daughter's room where I had set up a matress.

The mattress had a zipper so I was able to slip a small wooden ball (I tested it ahead of time to make sure you could feel it but not see it) inside of it. I showed them all that I was laying the pea under the mattress and then I had each girl lay down one at a time on the mattress and asked them if they could feel the pea. They were all really surprised and excited. Then one at a time I said "Then I pronounce you a True Princess" and I gave them a certificate that I had made for them (www.123certificates.com). In the meantime I had sent the brave knights on an adventure to find dragon eggs before they hatched and the dragons were set free to destory the kingdom. I had hidden large chocolate eggs in the house covered in colored foil. They came back excited that they had found them and I gave them certificates for being brave knights.

CAKE:  Then we went into the living room and the girls gathered around the cake table and I brought out the cake. I had made 3 tall but narrow cakes of 3 of the Disney princesses: Belle Ariel and Aurora. The cake was the skirt for Aurora and Belle and for Ariel I made it look as if she was sitting on a sand dune and then piped on a tail and covered the bottom with chocolate sea shells. They were so beautiful and the girls loved them! We took pictures with the cake and her friends and then ate it (I cut it in the kitchen so she didn't see me cutting up her princess friends!). The princesses were real Disney princess dolls that I then gave to her as a gift. Lastly we opened presents. I sat her on a royal throan we had made and she opened her gifts.

THANK YOU NOTES:  For thank yous we used the pictures from the party and sent a note on the back to thank everyone for coming. It was an amazing party that her friends are all still talking about. "

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