Princess Party

Princess Gala 5yr - Tulle Ceiling Canopy




Jennifer in Mars Hill, Maine, USA


July 2005


Special Mention

Thanks to your wonderful site, we had a spectacular 5th birthday party for my little girl.  We chose a princess theme, a perfect choice for my angel. The invitations were printed on pink, lilac and yellow card stock and read, Here ye, Here ye…The King of Mahan Land has requested that Princes ___________ be cordially invited to the 5th Birthday gala of Princess Lillie.  It then proceded to tell that we would be making crafts and having a Royal ball.  We had asked each guest to come dressed in their royal attire.  The time and location and the rsvp telephone number for the Queen Mother were included.  I placed a piece of vellum on top of the card stock and tied them together with coordinating ribbon.  The invitations alone were a big hit!  

I then set into party mode and created a castle out of cardboard and paint.  I originally was going to place this in my living room as an entrance to the Royal Ball, but we decided to use it as an entrance to the house.  We laid red tablecloths down on our walkway which led up to the entrance (the cardboard castle) and had helium filled balloons tied at the top of the castle.  I then made a poster on my computer that read, Welcome to Princess Lillie's Castle, and placed this on the door to the house.   When the guests arrived they were greeted by my son, dressed in a prince costume, and asked their name.  He checked the guest list to make sure they were on the list (of course, they all were).  He then announced them…"Announcing Princess Hunter of Shaw Land".  Once each guest walked through the entrance I had the dining room filled with 150 helium balloons with string hanging down.  We even had streamers going from the corners to the center of the room. 

Each guest sat at the table and created a princess hat or prince crown. (I purchased these from oriental trading and birthday express)  The hats and crowns were a blast putting together, and each guest was able to individualize them to their liking.  The girls then made crown and wand magnets for the refridgerator, while the boys made door knob tags.  They enjoyed the crafts with help from a maiden, the fairy godmother and the Queen Mother.(All were dressed in costumes purchased off the internet)   Each guest was then escorted to the Royal Ball in our living room.  My mother had purchased 40 yards of pink and white tulle.  We draped the tulle on the ceiling to create a canopy.  We then spinkled flower petals on the tulle.  It was so beautiful!!  We made my daughter a royal throne by draping a curtain of tulle from the ceiling and hot-gluing flower petals to the fabric.  I then took a sheet and covered our chair, so it would be pink.  I placed a white pillow and her favorite pink bear in the chair.  I accented the back of the chair with her two princess tiaras.  It was perfect and I have a great picture of the princess asleep in her royal throne after the festivities were completed.  The guests had loads of fun dancing to the Disney princess CD on our living room rug sprinkled with flower petals and confetti.  

After the royal ball we played a game of pass the poison apple.  This is simply played like hot potato.  When each guest was caught with the apple they were awarded with a candy necklace.   We then sent the guests to our kitchen where the table was sprinkled with confetti and strings of pearls.  We served pizza, popcorn, pretzels and cheezies (all prepared by the castle cook) and for drinks we served royal punch.   After the meal we let my daughter open her gifts, then we had cake and ice cream.  Then the guests were able to open the pinata, which was filled with jelly rings, necklaces, lip gloss, tattoos, earrings, candy, cars, noise makers and much more.   We sent each guest home with 5 balloons and a goody bag filled with high heel lip gloss, rings, necklaces, earrings, and candy bars with personalized wrappers that read,  "Thank you for sharing in Princess Lillie's Royal Celebration". I had purchased spy kits for the boys bags figuring they wouldn't enjoy the lip gloss and earrings.   We made sure to get lots of pictures and each guest had a splendid time.  My daughter enjoyed the festivities the best she says she loves being 5! I am so glad that your site provided me with many of these ideas, this certainly was a day to remember.

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