Pony Party

Princess Pony Party -3yr- Craft Foam Projects




Betzy in Burlington, Ontario Canada


February 2005


Honorable Mention

Princess Pony Party  My soon to be 3 year old loves ponies and princess.  so why not combine the two for a great 3rd birthday. 

The invitations were made by cutting and folding gold card stock into a flower shape which acted like an envelope.  inside was a invition that read: By order of the Queen and King of Casselman Court Prince/ss (guests name) is invited to attend the 3rd birthday of the Royal Pressess Lee Ann.  have your coach and driver dilivery promptly at 1pm when the festivities begin.  Your driver may pick you up again at 2:30 when all the royal activities have been completed. Please RSVP to the queen in order to reserve your space at the royal ball. 

The invitiation was printed out on my computer using a background that made the paper look like a scroll and then a calagraphy font.  Then using paper again I fashioned a bow out of paper and wrapped that around the gold envolope.  On the paper ribbon I glued on little princess and castle "doo das" found at Micheals in the scrapbook area.  The invitiation were then hand delivered by my daughter to all of her friends. 

Then I choose a cake from the magazine "familyfun" which is a two teared cake and then cup cakes are put on top and then the candles are on top of that.   Upon arrival the princess/princes will be to have face panting while they wait for everyone to arrive and colour.  My husband is a fair artist and will do the face painting and I ran off some clip art of castles and my little ponies for colouring books that I put together with a ribbon.  When they complete the face painting they may go down to the basement and play (supervised) with My Little Ponies and dress up. 

When all have arrived and the face painting is finished the kids will reassemble upstairs in the family room that is decorated with lots of streamers and all the little tables I have in the house.  The tables are put end to end to make a long table and is covered with My Little Pony table covers.  At each place setting is our first craft to make a crown.  The boys have different crowns than the girls using craft foam board in princess motif they will add stars, hearts, wands, and castles to their crowns and then I will attach them to set on their heads. 

When they complete their crowns they can stand infront of a mega block castle with the birthday princess and have a poloroid picture taken and that will be put in their goodie bag.  After every one has completed their crowns off for the crown parade.  Little kids love to have a parade.  While the kids are "parading" the table will be transformed into a banquet. Complete with My Little Pony plates and cups.  The center pieces I made by putting clay in the bottom of a My Little Pony cup and using lollie pop sticks I made stars with the boys names on them and flowers with the girls names ( just cut shapes our of card stock)taped them to the sticks and stuck them in the clay. 

I also made little wands with yellow card stock and ribbons which I put a My little Poney sticker on.  Then the tallest stick had a My Little Pony hat attached to it.  Then a new craft is put out for them to make which once again uses the foam board cut into heart shapes.  I put magnets on the backs and the kids will put together heart messages for their moms. At their places and then the hearts will be put in their goodie bags.

While they are all sitting at the table the cake will be brought out and served. The goodie bags were made using royal puple lunch bags (Micheals)and then I attached pink princess ribbon to the bags to make a handle.  I found a great buy on a small art kit and then put in all the rest of the princess themed foam board so the kids could make more crafts at home.  Tossed in a few fruit bars and a bag of pop corn and called it a bag! The end of the party has the birthday girl opening presents and saying thank you.

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