Pony Party

My Little Pony -4yr- Carnival Games




LaChrisa in Dallas, TX, USA


June 2005


Honorable Mention

I helped a friend throw a party for her little girl with the help of this site.  She was turning 4 years old and loves My Little Pony.  We decided to have a "PONYVILLE FAIR" for her daugher. We started with the invitations and wanted to be unique and attempt to save a few pennies, so we created them with the computer.  It was really simple with by downloading MLP pics from the website, www.mylittlepony.com.  The wording went like this "You are invited to celebrate Ariel's Birthday at PONYVILLE FAIR.  Step on up and have some fun!"  We listed admission price (one smile), a location( Ponyville and the address of their house) Open and close time, date, and event schedule.

Decorations: They were very simple, ballons in purple, pink, light blue and teal and  streamers in hot pink, pale pink, purple, and lilac were hung around the house and outside.  We bought the MLP partyware, such as the plates and tablecloth and added actual MLP's to the table to weight down the ballons.  We purchased cardboard star cut outs in purple, magenta, and pink pearl and hung them in the doorways, from light fixtures, and on the fence in the back yard.  We made sidewalk flags to mark the party house.  We purchased felt rectangles with purple, pink, and blue hearts from Wal-Mart along with dowel rods.  We hot glued the felt to the sticks and placed them up the side walk to the door. 

Games/Activities: We set up carnvial like games, such as the dart throw.  We hung a pink plastic table cloth with pink/purple streamers around the perimeter to serve as the area the balloons would be hung.  We did this for each game station.  Other games, were coin toss(3 pennies tossed in a bucket), ring toss(3 hula hoops tossed around a blow up purple unicorn), and hula hoop toss(3 footballs thrown through a hula hoop).  We had to place the hula hoop on a plant hanger that was attached to the fence, so the ball would pass through.  We had prizes set up in 3 categories, small, medium, and big, so depending on how many coins,balls, rings, or darts made it would depend on what prize they would get.  1 - small, 2 - medium, or 3 - big.  We also had a kiddie pool set up outside with floating duckies that the kids would be able to pick out a duck from the pool, by age group, and each duck would have a 's', 'm', or 'winner' on the bottom. 

This would represent a small, medium or big prize.  We all live in a relatively new neighborhood, so we do not have full grown trees to hang a pinata.  So we filled balloons with novelty toys, such as spinners and pill puzzles, for the kids to pop instead.  The mother placed some a few coloring pages of my little ponies printed fromt the coloring pages of the website above in a few balloons for the kids to win a bigger prize.  A pony was rented for a couple of hours to ride around the yard.  We made goody buckets(sort of a feed bucket) from easter buckets purchased after Easter for $0.10/each placed MLP coloring pages, crayons, stickers, and plenty of candy in each one.  The kids used their buckets to hold all their prizes from the games.  The mother also dropped candy and other small toys from her bedroom window into the back yard for the kids to get and put in their buckets.

Food:  Food, such as chicken nuggets and spaghetti, was placed in the buckets to represent feed buckets for little ponies.  We placed a movie in for the kids to watch while they ate. Everyone got a picture on the pony with the birthday girl, so it can be sent in the Thank You Card to each family.

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