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elissa in claremont ca


August 2004


Special Mention

My daughter wanted a my little pony party for her 4th birthday.  I didi not know very much about little ponies but with some thought help from friends and the net I think it turned out charming and my daughter had a blast. 

The invites were simple and really cute they set the tone for all the pony fun.  I with the help of my daughter, she worked a mean gluestick and licked the enevelopes, made acordian fold coloring books.  I took 12 x 18 pink construction paper bought from a school supply store, $2.50 for 100 sheets, I cut it in half lenghwise and folded each section into 3 equal folds ( I got the idea from DIY.net scrapbook section)  The cover had a picture of star swirl pony which i cut out of the store brought my little pony invites (1.99 @ wal mart) and attached with a scrapbook pop dot. The cover said "our maya is turning four and a my little pony party is in store.  Please promise to join the fun.  We can not wait to see everyone." 

The inside two folds had a line drawing of a pony and the party details "Gallop on over to the Our Last Name Celebration Castle on XXXXX  atXXXXX."  The back 3 folds had other pictures of ponies.  The mylittlepony.com website has pictures you can download, i had trouble with the site and ended up buying a $5.99 activity book with great simple line drawings, which made it way easy for me, I just picked four pictures of ponies my daughter liked, copied them and cut them to fit the accordian fold sections.  I brought pastel colored enevelopes and little wedding lavender colored drawstring chiffon bags (both at wal mart) which i put 8 glitter crayons in, included the invite, crayons in the envelope. i found cheap mylittle pony stickers at target $1.99, which i let my daughter decorate the envelope.  They sound like a lot of work by really only took a bit of time and were well worth it they were adorable and unique. 

The atmosphere-  The celebration castle otherwise known as our house was decorated in lavender,pink a white hellium balloons.  I made flags to line the walkway up to our front door,  I took pink bullentan board paper found in a school supply store, 50 ft for 10.00 and cut 2' x3' rectangle flags I doubled the paper so I would have pink on each side.  I used cheap PVC pipe as the pole, (.89 @ home depot)I attached flag to the pole using clear packing tape.  On the flags I used the simple pony pictures enlarged, colored and cut out. I wrote the name of the pony on top and "Maya's 4th Birthday " on the bottom. 

The flags looked awesome, so festive.  I also sprinkled pastel confediti on my walkway and driveway. The backyard had balloons and stremers tied around our pool fence.  I also made lavender tissue paper flowers to make a flower blanket, I wanted the walkway around my pool to look like a racetrack.  I borrowed a friend's pink castle tent and had all my activity tables covered in the left over pink flag paper. We also rented a jumper for the party which was a pastel colored castle.  

The Activities--  As the children arrived I face painted a pony symbol on their face rainbow, heart,star, etc. with pastel colored body glitter. My daughter passed out the pony headbands and tails which I had made out of yarn, felt, and headbands.  I got the idea from familyfun.com -pony party.  Tip you will need 2 -3 skeins of yarn buy 2 of the cheapest and one with a pretty nap or texture it really added to the look, also more is better, the fuller the mane on the headband the cuter it looked. I used baby pink and a beautiful lavender, some headbands were single colored and others were multi. Each headband uses 5 little yarn bunches, which you make by cuting 8-12 15" strings. 

You cut the pony ears out of felt I used self stinky white which made it fast and easy.  Fold the ears over the headband (6 for $1.00 @dollar Store) place the ears about 3" apart.  Tie 3 bunches between the ears off center so the short end looks like fingy bangs, trim to your liking.  I also tied one bunch next to each ear.  The tails are 35 strings 24" long tied in the middle with more yarn or ribbon, make a simple long belt to tie aroung the children's waist.  I made the belts long because I knew they would be coming on and off in the jumper. 

For activities-- I had 4 "self service" things for the kids to do at their own time and pace.  We had pony wands where I had pre made the wands.  I again copied pictures of ponies and glued them to thin dowels I added pastel curling ribbon The kids chose the pony they wanted and colored it in using the left over glitter crayons from the invites.  I had a quilt out with all my daughters my little pony toys plus a friend's daughters my little pony Pony Castle, the kids enjoyed this area, as a "down time" activity.  I had a kid's horse shoe game (summer clearance @target), and I found a my little pony memory game.  All these things were easy simple things kids could mange themselves.  I asked my girlfriends to keep an eye on the tables, to make sure everything was going smooth. I had a back up craft of horse shoe door hangers using the left over construction paper, in case I had a lure in the party. 

For organized games I had pin the heart on the pony, Again I blew up a big poster of rainbow dash pony, colored it, I cut out 3" hearts for the kids to tape onto the hoof of the pony blindfolded. Tip write the kids names on the heart prior to the party. We played "pass the pony"  the kids sat in a circle and while music played they passed a my little pony toy and when the music stopped the child with the pony won a pony braclet.  I made sure everyone won, tip pass 2 or 3 ponies at a time for a faster game.  We played Horse, horse pony, the same as duck duck goose. Last we had pony races around my "racetrack"  The track was really cool, decorated with streamers, flowers and balloons.  The kids were little so I had them run around by themselves, rather them against eachother.  They wore their headbands and tails.  I wish I had made medel necklaces to award them after the race, oh well next time.  We also finished the party with a pony pinata, I brought a $4.00 donkey one and recovered it with pink tissue paper and added a pink, lavender, and white curling ribbon mane.  I also used glitter glue to draw pinkie pies pony symbol on the pinatas butt. 

For food-- I made a rainbow fruit platter, red strawberrys, orange catuolope, yellow bananas, green honeydew, blueberries, and purple grapes.  I served 2 salads, and roasted chicken.  I had snack mixes through out the party in cute pink plastic bowls.  We served juiceboxes for the kids and soda for the adults. Easy Easy!  I ordered a cake from a wherehorse store,$14.00 I was bummed I could not find a pony cake so I had them put a small rainbow and stuck a real pony toy on the cake we served them with ice cream cups.  For the paper goods I brought them at Party City for half price.  I used purple plates and pony printed napkins.  

For favors== I brought purple lunch sacks I made them look like a ponies head by cutting the bag to look like a ponies mane.  I glued on eyes and drew nostrals.  Inside the girls got a my little pony toy, $4.00 on clearence, ponytail holders for their hair, and a little bag with lavender,pink, and white glitter pony beads and string for homemade necklaces, I wanted pony cookie cutters with purple glitter playdough, but I could not find the cutters.  I made personal pony bubbles with handmade labels and my little pony stickers.  For the boys I brought western horses and light blue bandanas.   The party was great.  The colors really pulled everything together.  My daughter looked cute in a my little pony demin overall outfit.  She had a great time, her favoite was the cake, jumper,and games.   All I wanted was for her to have fun and feel special, mission accomplished.

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