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Pokemon Party -7yr- Pikachu Stomp Pop




Michelle in Mullins, SC USA


April 2005


Special Mention

For my son’s 7th birthday party he decided on a Pokemon party.   For the invitation I used scrapbooking tools and paper to create a very large pokeball invite. This is very easy to do if you have circle cutters.  First I took a 12 x 12 piece of red scrapbook paper and folded it in half, then using my circle cutter I cut out a circle leaving about 1 ½ to 2 inches intact at the top. This created my card (for each 12 x 12 piece of paper I cut out 2 cards).  I then used black paper and my personal paper cutter to make a ¼ inch wide black line the width of my red pokeball.

Next I made a smaller black circle and an even smaller white circle to place on top.  Once everything was put together it looked great, and my son was very impressed!  As you opened the invitation, the top circle read:   guest name I choose you. Then when you looked down onto the bottom circle it read,..to come to my 7th Birthday Party!  Come with me & train to be a Pokemon Master! There will be plenty of Pokemon to catch at place of party on road name in city from time. Be sure to call phone # for directions & to reserve your spot!   We rented a hall for the party, and the night before the party we loaded the place with red, yellow & blue balloons & streamers at all the doorways, and we hung large clusters of balloons from the ceiling. It was very festive. 

When the guests arrived they were each given a necklace I made with blue string and a white paper circle. The paper circles were made with my circle cutter. Each white circle had a label (Avery Address Label) that said Pokemon Trainer.  The children used the necklace to display the badges they earned for participating in each game. After each game I gave each child a sticker badge. I made the badges using the Pokemon Project Studio Blue Version to create badges just like Ash earns.  I printed 3 badges per label (Avery Address Label), and once they were printed I used a paper cutter to make 3 sticker badges out of each label.  This was much cheaper than buying sticker sheets.  

After the guests received their necklace they were sent to an activity table where I had crayons and activity packets of 5 different Pokemon puzzles I printed off the Internet. We also had a table set up with a large jar full of Pokemon cards. Each guest was asked to guess the number of cards, and the child who was closest received all the Pokemon cards (I made sure there was an even number of cards in the jar in case we had a tie and it was a good thing because we had 2 children guess the exact number!) Once all the guests had arrived we started playing games.  

1.)The first game we played was Pokemon Bingo.  My husband and I made this game ourselves.  We used our computer to print grids with the words Pokemon Bingo at the top. I won an awesome deal on some Pokemon stickers on Ebay, so we had plenty of stickers to fill the grids and use for the calling cards.  I again used my circle cutters to make the bingo chips in yellow, blue, and red.  

2.) The second game we played was called Pikachu Stomp. For this game I inflated about 60 balloons and hid a Pikachu sticker in one of them.  The children had to pop the balloons and the child who found the sticker won a prize.  

3.) The third game we played was Trainer of the Day. My husband and sister set this game up outside while we were inside playing the first two games. I used card stock to print out information on all 150 Pokemon leaving enough space so that when I cut them out they resembled a card (I used my son’s Pokemon guide book to get all the information such as type of Pokemon, strengths, weaknesses, etc..). Once I had all the cards cut out I placed a sticker of each pokemon on their corresponding cards.  All 150 cards were hidden outside (like an egg hunt) and the children had to catch the Pokemon, the child who had the most cards was the Trainer of the Day. 

The trainer of the day was given a sticker I made on the computer with an address Label that read Trainer of the Day and had 2 small sparkly star stickers at each corner, they also received a prize. I awarded the child with the least amount of cards a small prize too.   After running around outside in the heat we all came back in and ate. I made fruit and marshmallow kabobs (we used red & green grapes, pineapple, and strawberries-the kids devoured them in no time) we also had chips & cheeseballs.  For drinks we served juice boxes for the kids and soda for the adults. We had cake and ice cream then moved on to more games.  

4.) The fourth game we played was a beanbag toss my husband and I made.  My husband cut the wood to create the 4' x 4' game board; he cut different size circles for the holes. Once the board was painted we labeled each hole with points, the smaller the holes the higher the points (we used 2-inch stickers for the numbers) we also used Pokemon wall stickers, 1 for each hole. This really added to the Pokemon theme!!! I used Pokemon fabric to make the beanbags.  The kids really loved this game!  

5.) The last game we played was the present game. I found a large Pokemon sport cup at the Big Lots store and wrapped it in several layers of Pokemon wrapping paper. The children all sat in a circle, and each child took turns putting on a pair of my husband’s winter gloves and trying to open the present with the gloves on.  We gave each child 30 seconds. Believe me this is a lot harder than you think, and it didn’t turn out very well because I used too much tape.  I suggest if you are going to play this game have your child help you test it first so you can gauge how loosely to wrap the present.

Once we got through the present game it was time for the piñata.   I found instructions on how to make a Pikachu piñata on the Internet. I used those instructions and my own creative twist and to both my son’s and my amazement we had an awesome looking piñata. I almost hated to let them rip it apart! After the piñata we opened presents and handed out the goody bags. 

For the goody bags I got lucky and found some really good deals on Ebay. Luckily I had 3 months to plan and shop for this party.  The goody bags consisted of a Pokemon key chain, 3-inch Pokemon sticker, mini Pokemon puzzle, Pokemon blowout and personalized Pokemon miniature candy.  My son loved his party! Everyone really enjoyed themselves, even the parents! It was a lot of hard work, but it was well worth it! Having 3 months to plan this party gave me time to really find unique items to match my theme.  This website gave me a lot of ideas, I LOVE this website and I thank everyone who contributes their ideas and I hope my party plan will help others in making their child’s special day very memorable!

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