Pokemon Party

Pokemon Party -7yr- Pokemon Trainers




Kimmai in Fairfax, Va USA


March 2010


Honorable Mention

My son loves Pokemon as most children do so his birthday theme was easy.

INVITATIONS: were done online that said I CHOOSE YOU! Join me for my 7th birthday as I train to become a Pokemon Master where there will be plenty of Pokemon to catch. 9 boys and girls were invited and the party lasted for 2.5hours.

FOOD very simple: Pokemon Mac&Cheese, carrots, broccoli and Pokemon sandwiches. I found these really neat Pokemon Cookie/Bread cutters on eBay. They were a hit! I made poke ball cupcakes and ordered a poke ball ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins.

TABLE/DECORATIONS: I purchase poke ball cups and placemats from birthday express. The placemats kept the children busy if they finished eating first since they had activities on the back of them.  Tables were decorated with yellow covers from Wal-Mart $1 each. I used plain colored plates, cups and napkins from Wal-Mart as well. Saves you money when you just go with the birthday colors verses the actual plates! Streamers were hung on the ceilings in blue, red and lime green and I also had balloons in the same colors purchased from Party city. I drew Flaffy on a poster board and used it as a decoration and game (pin the tail on Flaffy).

GAMES: When the children arrived, I had them dress as Pokemon trainers. Purchased bandanas and baseball caps and used felt to sew the Pokemon trainer symbol. I also bought gloves (where I made them fingerless gloves) and mini book bags that I dyed to compete the Pokemon trainer look. As soon as each child picked what they wanted to wear, I gave them each a few Pokemon trainer cards. I had a jar of jellybeans that was decorated in Pokemon stickers and had the children guess how many was in there. I called this Bagon, since bagon is a rock Pokemon. Whoever was the closest would take it home at the end of the party.

Next I had each child run a relay for energy to get energy cards. After this I sent the kids on a Poke ball hunt where I bought Styrofoam balls from AC Moore and painted them like poke balls. I had about 36 made. The kid who found the most got a prize.

Next game was Rhyperior Stomp where I hid a rhyperior toy in one of the balloons. These were 15 regular balloons that I blew up myself. Who ever found the toy got a prize. We stopped to eat and continued with the games. Next game was Team Rocket Balloon Blast where I used the helium balloons. I made a target on the floor and gave each child 2 balloons.  Whichever child got the closest to the bull's eye got a prize.

Caterpie was next played since they evolve by cocooning. I put the children in groups of 3 and gave them each a roll of cheap toilet paper to wrap one of their team mates like a cocoon. Whichever team completed first each got a prize. The kids loved this game!

While I was getting the cake ready, the the children played a game called Baltoy Bust where the birthday boy was Baltoy and had to get the other children. It's like Tag but with on the kids hopping on 1 foot since baltoy has no feet. They also played Mankey Says...just like Simon says. When the games were over we sang happy birthday and had cake. Since it was almost time for the kids to go home, they got to hit the pinata I made/bought. I bought a soccer ball pinata from Party City and ripped of the black parts and glued pieced of red, white and black tissue paper to make it look like a poke ball.

FAVORS: colored lunch bags from Wal-Mart $0.25 each... bought Pokemon dog tags, Pokemon cards, and Pokemon mighty beanz from eBay...made a Pokemon cd for each child...and they took their poke ball cup and costumes home as well.

PRIZES: Activity books and a DVD from the bookstore, Pokemon watch from birthday express, Pokemon towel and keychain from party city, and poke balls from eBay that was a stuff animal that reversed into a poke ball. I played a Pokemon movie while the children waited for their parents to pick them up. The kids and adults had a blast! The adults kept trying to join in the games. I got some ideas from other parents on here so feel free t use the ones I used.

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