Pokemon Party

Pokemon vs Bakugan Party -6yr- Red Roller




Lenora in Homestead, FL, USA


May 2009


Honorable Mention

My 5, soon to be 6 year old son, had been wanting a Bakugan party for the longest time so I had purchased your standard Bakugan party supplies at my local party store.  Literally 3 weeks before the party he decided he wanted Pokemon instead of Bakugan. I was going to keep what I had already purchased but was having a hard time getting excited about doing a party for him that he really didn't want. My husband and I kept trying to convince him Bakugan was better but with no success.  He just kept saying, I like Bakugan still I just like Pokemon more" So what I decided to do was surprise him by including Pokemon in the Party theme.  I exchanged half of the Bakugan stuff including the invitations for Pokemon stuff.

I made the INVITATIONS to be circles that opened up. The outside was white and red to look like a Pokemon ball.  On the white part I put Pokemon and in the center button which held the outside together I put "vs" and the bottom red part I put Bakugan in red.  So the outside said Pokemon vs Bakugan and the inside had party info with "lets have a ball" and "let the battle begin"  The party hasn't taken place yet but here are my ideas.  We will have Pokemon and Bakugan cards (enlarged) on the floor under contact paper.  This is for decorations and a game of musical cards to the pokemon theme song.  Balloons o red blue and yellow will be blown up with helium and let drift to the ceiling. From the string of the balloon I will suspend bakugan and pokemon cards purchased in bulk cheap at ebay.  This will give the effect of cards falling from the sky as it says on the start of Bakugan. 

As the guests arrive I will give them an empty treat box and instruct them to hold onto them as they will collect their goodies throughout the party.  I purchased Bakugan and Pokemon masks and the kids will be divided into two teams and given the persective masks when they arrive.  I'm sure my son will be on Team Pokemon.  I am going to make two score board wheels:  pokemon will have 6 energy circles (water fire electric) and Bakugan will have 6 attributes (pyro aquos ventus) on them.  There will be six games each with prizes and the first team to complete their wheel will win.  Instead of stuffing the goody boxes each team will when their treats throughout the party so they can see them and play with them.  

For one of the games I bought design your own beach ball at oriental trading co. and drew pyrus symbals on half and pokemon symbols on the other half.  A line in the middle of playing field divides the two teams.  Team Pokemon gets pokemon balls and bakugan bakugan.  The game is started and the kids throw balls back and forth trying to keep the opposite team's balls out of their area.  After an allotted amount of time the team with the least amount of enemy balls wins and gets an attribute or energy for their team.

For another game we bought dollar store water guns and laminated a lightning bolt for Pikachu's electicity for half and fire for the other half and attached it to the water guns Balloons holding pictures of Pokemon characters on half and pictures of Bakugan characters on the other half were suspended from a fence with tissue paper. Each team will shoot "electricity" or "fire" at the tissue paper until the enemy balloons are released into the sky (doom dimension) The first team to release all of their enemy balloons will when an energy or attribute. 

We are also going to revive '70s games with a new twist.  "Red Rover Red Rover" will become "Red roller Red roller" and "Red light Green light 1 2 3" becomes "Pokemon "Bakugan who will it be?"  Prizes for the gift box are pokemon rings pencils round cookies decorated like bakugan and pokemon cards and pokemon and bakugan figures. We also bought sticky hands to let each kid attempt to capture cards to keep. 

The cake will also have surprises for the teams.  I used the Wilton ball to harden fondant balls-one all red and one half red and half white.  I am going to put the Pokemon symbol on the blue gum balls and the Bakugan symbol on red gum balls with royal icing and let harden and fiil each ball.  The Balls will sit at opposite corners of the cake which will be decorated blue and separated by lightning separating the two balls.  Bakugan balls and pokemon figures will be on the cake as well.  Before the cake is cut each team will have be given there ball to recover the gum balls for their treat bag.  We are going to order pizza but snacks to hold guests over will be cheese"balls" and I will do watermelon balls and blueberries in a watermelon carved to look like a bakugan. 

The rest of the party will be free play in an area of our home that we are clearing of all furniture.  We are going to cover the windows with black trash bags and the entraces with black tarps so that the room is totally dark except black lights and strobe lights.  This will be our doom dimension.  We are going to paint their faces with blacklight crayons and bought glow in the dark sticks from the dollar store. We also bought black light bubbles and put them in bottles for each team that say "Marucho's throw-bubble ability card" and Squirtle's Bubble Beam.  Should be lots of fun.  We're so excited."

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