Pokemon Party

Pokemon -7yr- Pokemon Master




Polly in Chicagoland, IL , USA


Nov 2003


Honorable Mention

This Pokemon party was for my son, Tim, 7th birthday. We created invitations on the Pokemon Project Studios and told all the boys to wear their own pokemon tshirts. It was scheduled to start right after school so I met them at the school wearing my own Pokemon tshirt and carrying a Pokemon balloon.

The house was decorated in coordinating streamers and Pokemon balloons. I made Poke-bags for treat bags from 8x10 glossy red gifts bags with white glossy paper glued on the bottom half and black electrical tape. Inside the treat bags, I put Pokemon stickers Pokemon flipz cards, Pokemon Paper airplanes, Pokemon fruit chewies and roll ups and special candy covered gum balls.

We started the party with pizza and a game of name the Pokemon where I listed all the Pokemon the boys knew on laarge sheets of paper taped to the windows. The boys then went on a Pokemon savanger hunt after we talk about what it takes to be a good Pokemon master (that you need different types of Pokemon). They had to find 5 different types of Pokemon 2" figures I hid throughout the house. Then we talked about the bad guys, Team Rocket, and played a dart game with posters of Team Rocket I made from the Project studio.

The last game was an evolver matching game where each boy got a Pokeball envelope filled with little pictures of six different pokemons and their evelutionary partners (squirtle-wartortle-blastoise). They were all mixed up and they had to put them in order. This game was great at the end because they had to sit and think (read nice and quiet). For each game they earned two sticker badges I made again on the Project Studio.

By the end of the party each boy received 8 badges. They also got to take the little pictures in the match game home. The gifts were opened with the gift giver sitting next to the birthday boy surrounded by Pokemoin balloons and my son's personal collection of Pokemon stuffed animals and pictures. I took pictures of each child with the birthday boy to send home in thank you notes. OF corse the cake was a Wilton Pikachu cakepan I made the day before (it looked great! Much easier than I thought!).

We ended the party with a Pokemon movie and trading. As the boys were picked up I presented them with a certificate that read "This certificate hereby declares that name of child has successfully completed required battles to become a POKEMON MASTER". It  was a really good time. It moved pretty smoothly and quickly taking only about an hour and a half. The Pokemon Project Studio (red and blue) was very important to this party. Everything was created from that. I found most of the treat bag item as well as the figures on eBay. You can still find some party paper goods in stores.

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