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Theater Acting Party

Theater Party - Invites with Scripts




Julia in Farmington Missouri USA


August 2003


Honorable Mention

Theater Party. In my town there is a place where the city has plays and musicals. You can rent it for parties. For my birthday the party lasted a week and a half.

When we first sent out invataions we also sent out scripts to the musical Grease 2. We sent a note that said who had what part and that they had to have them memorized by my party. When we started we began drafting ideas for the set. Like what kind of backrounds should we make, or what kind of props to use. After we got a list together we drew up pictures of the stuff we needed built and then gave all that stuff to my dad and brother. They built everything for the set that we couldn't buy in stores.

My friends brought in costumes and props. While the set was being built we practiced. My moms rule was no kissing until opening night. When the set was finished we put everything in place and had dress rehersal. We got in our costumes and rehersed one final time. Earlier we had put up flyers around town advertising the musical so a lot of people would come see it. It was free to the public so everybody could come enjoy it.

On opening night my mom had someone tape the musical and then made copies of it for all of the guests. Thoughout the whole time we had the party my mom took pictures of all of us having fun and then made copies of the pictures and made an album for each member of the cast. She also took pictures during the musical. The place was packed and everyone loved it.

At the end during the curtain call each person came up and told the crowd who they are and who they played in the musical. At the end when me and the male star came up and introduced ourselves my best friend gave me a bunch of flowers and told everyone it was my birthday. After the musical the cast went out in the lobby for pictures and said goodbye to everyone. We got lots of compliments and a lot of people asked for autographs and pictures.

After everyone left all the guests went home to get the gifts and stuff to spend the night. All the guests (including the guys) came back and we ordered pizza and slept on the stage. We had a talent show with little plastic medals and everyone loved it. We opened presents and then went to sleep. It was the best party ever and I hope to do the same thing next year.

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