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Neverland Pirates -5yr- Obstacle Course




Samantha in Mount Pleasant , TN, USA


July 2012


Special Mention

This year my son Tyler turned 5. He loves the Disney Jr show Jake and the Neverland Pirates so that is what he wanted for his party. The party supplies for Jake were just starting to come into stores so I got a few things, such as plates, napkins, a tablecloth, stickers, and tattoos. Everything else we had to make on our own.

INVITATIONS:  For the invitations I ordered message in a bottle" from Century Novelty. These contained an invitation skull ring an eye patch and sand. I decided to design my own invitation that would relate more to our Jake theme. I found clip art online that looked like an old scroll and a picture of Jake. I added this poem: Yo Ho lets Go! To Tyler's pirate birthday. There'll be treasure and adventure today! Set sail for Neverland on (date) at (time) o'clock. Be sure to watch out for the Tick-Tock Croc. Heave Ho Let's go we'll be a pirate team against Captain Hook and Smee. A wonderful adventure for all of us! You provide the Faith and Trust we'll provide the Pixie Dust! Come along with Jake and the Neverland pirates and Me! I had these printed and then attached them to the invitation in the bottle. We hand delivered these to our guests.

ACTIVITIES AND GAMES: We set up a dress-up station in the living room. We had a picture of the birthday boy dressed as a pirate on a table with all the things they would need to become a pirate crew. We had eye patches pink bandanas for the girls black pirate skull caps for the boys a red headband like Jake's for the birthday boy inflatable swords compasses pixie dust pouches for the girls (gold bags with Tinkerbell body glitter inside) jewel rings beads and treasure maps I got at Hobby lobby and personalized with Jake stickers. We also had fairy wings and a green tutu for his baby cousin to dress up as Tinkerbell.

We had a mini treasure chest full of Hershey kisses and Rolo candies for gold and silver treasure. After the kids were dress up as pirates they got to go to Captain Hook's tattoo shop where they could choose from an assortment of pirate tattoos and Jake tattoos. After they received their tattoos it was time to go on their adventure. They lined up to go outside. As each child came out of the door they said their name and Ahoy! Like Jake and the kids on the show. We lined the sidewalk and part of the yard with blue twisted streamer in a circular pattern to look like Jake coming to his ship. I made the ship with some old pieces of plywood and a sail out of blue and white poster board that looked like Bucky's (Jake's ship) sail and hung the sail above the ship from a flagpole.

We made another ship for the yard that looked like a sunken ship. We added a mast and used a plastic white tablecloth that we tore holes in and shredded the edges for the sail. We hung a plastic skeleton left over from Halloween on the mast and gave him an eye patch. I made a treasure chest out of a cardboard box. I spray painted the inside black. I tea-stained some box paper and crumpled it to look old and glued this to the outside of the box to look old. I made the lid out of black poster board and glued a white skull and crossbones to the front. I added a padlock I designed to look like the one on Jake's treasure chest.

The adventure for the kids was an obstacle course. They had to go through the "waterfall" which was a blue tablecloth I cut into strips and added blue streamers that I hung on a ribbon across the entryway to the obstacle course. The first obstacle was to swim away from the crocodile through a play tunnel. Next they had to jump like a fish through fish shaped swim rings. Next they had to "swab the deck". They used an old broom to push a "cannonball" (plastic ball) around a bucket and back to the starting line. Next they had to walk the plank. I drew the tick-tock croc and put him beside the plank to look like he was in the water. When they finished the obstacle course they got to "grab their gold and go". I had plastic gold doubloons tied inside goody bags that looked like treasure maps that I tied to a bush. They used the doubloons for the next game tossing doubloons into a treasure chest. The one who got the most in won a prize a treasure chest coin bank. Next they played tick-tock croc ring toss. I found an inflatable ring toss crocodile online the prize for this game was a cannonball filled with slime. Next they played Captain Hook's Hook game. I filled a bowl with pretzels and the kids used a plastic Captain Hook's hook to fish them out. We gave each child one minute and the one that fished out the most pretzels won a glow-sword. Next they played cannonball with splash balls (played like dodge ball). Whenever they got hit with the ball they were out and got to get a necklace from the treasure chest. 

FOOD: After games we had hot dogs sandwiches chips and dip. The table had a Jake tablecloth we had Jake plates and napkins I found plastic silverware that looked like skeleton bones and I bought plastic coconut cups for the kids drinks. I added silly straws and umbrellas to these.

CAKE: Tyler's cake was a treasure chest made from a pound cake sliced in half iced chocolate and filled with ring pops and chocolate gold coins. I used candy sprinkles to make the straps on top. I found foil pirate cupcake liners and made cupcakes also. Above the table we hung a Jake birthday banner and a pirate pennant banner. I made palm trees from poster board to put on the wall. After eating the kids got to go on a treasure hunt for their goody/treasure chest. I had set up Tyler's pirate tent which looks like skull rock in the living room. I found inflatable palm trees at Walmart and set them around it. I made more palm trees and a pirate ship from poster board to put on the walls and windows. The living room was Neverland. They searched in skull rock for their treasure.

PARTY FAVORS: They each received a mini treasure chest filled with mini spy glasses tattoos stickers prisms rings rubber pirate bracelets mini crocodile water guns and candy. The last thing we had for the kids to do was a treasure chest pinata that we hung on the porch. Everyone enjoyed the party and by the end even the grown-ups had started talking like a pirate!"

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