Pirate Party

Spongebob Pirate -4yr- Pin the X on Map




Bridget in Elizabethton,TN USA


March 2009


Honorable Mention

My twin boys love Spongebob and pirates so we decided to combine the two for their 4th B-day.

INVITATIONS:We found plastic message in a bottle invitations from Oriental Trading Co.. Also on Ebay I was able to get Spongebob Pirate paper products such as invites,plates,etc.. Instead of the paper invite included with the bottles, we rolled up the Spongebob invite and placed in the bottle with sand and a pirate ring. We were able to hand deliver these, but you can mail them also.

FOOD:It stated we would be serving some grub like Krabbie patties(hamburgers), Planktons Planks(hot dogs) and all the delicious landlubber treats. Come hungry ole' skallywags or ye shall walk the plank" finished the invite.

COSTUMES AND DECORATIONS:The boys and a motion sensored pirate greeted the skallywags(guests)as they entered our back gate. They were dressed in pirate shirtstorn black pants and sashes made from skull fabric. The guests were given pirate eye patches and hats and were led through a tiki torch path(Oriental Trading Co.).

We put a flag made from a piece of muslin fabric with a large spray painted X for the entrance and several others on poles in the middle of the tables to look like boat sails. I made many flag pennants from brightly colored square felt pieces(Michael's crafts) and put them on inexpensive rope with a simple staight stitch. These were hung from tree to treealong the fence and several places to mark different areas such as gift area food and activities.

My boss had an old wooden fishing boat that looked like a shipwreck so we used that in the yard as a backdrop for pictures. Inside the boat we put an inflatable Spongebob and Patrick dressed as the captains of the ship. Several more torn fabric pieces were attached to scrap wood for the ships mast. The tables were dressed with heavy chainscoins and colored rocks(usually used in flower vases).

The food table looked like the found treasure. Drinks were placed in styrofoam coolers(treasure chest) sprayed brown and gold with costume jewelry hanging from the sides. Old wood crates held the platesetc.. More costume jewelry was scattered throughout the table which was covered with yellow fishing nets and a pirate skull head(not scary-really funny) hung from a wooden pole looked over his treasures to make sure they stayed in  place.

GAMES:The kids played pin the X on the treasure map throw the coins in the bucket(plastic black buckets and gold coins from Dollar Tree)the one with the most in wins! Also I purchased a blowup Pirate ship that was a ring toss and served as a decoration. Next the boys opened presents while sitting on blue blankets(Water).

CAKE:It was now time for the cake. I made a pirate ship designed from Decopac cakes. The kit came with pirates and I added a Spongebob pirate figure from Burger King. This cake took a long time to makebut the oohs and ahhs from my kids and all the guests made it worth while.

FAVORS:Before everyone headed home the kids reached in the treasure box to find goodie bags filled with plastic diamond ringsnecklacespirate suckers and gummies(this was in October so the halloween candy and d├ęcor fit this theme)pirate tattoosbubbleseyepatch and plastic swords(Oriental Trading Co.).

ACTIVITIES:Dark was setting in so we built a small fire in a pit and roasted marshmallows. I'm sure pirates did this back in the day HEE-HEE! THIS WAS THE PERFECT ENDING TO AN ADVENTUROUS DAY. "

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