Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of Caribbean 4yr - Treasure & Crafts




JoAnn in Montebello, Ca. - USA


Feb. 2004


Honorable Mention

Pirate Party My 4 yr had a "rainy" season birthday. He loves the Pirates of the Caribbean" movie so we improvized from there. 

Invitations were printed on preprinted beach paper, clip art was a Pirate ship and flag copy read: Ahoy Ye Matey!  If ye been lookin' fer some friendly Pirate Adventures, Allow yerself to be attendin' this here party. Celebratin': Captain (childs name)  the date: xxx   we be meetin': (time) Set yer course for the Port of: (the address)  Attendin?  Say aye, or be callin' (your rsvp)   We be requestin' that you be dressin' like part of the crew…but no matinous thoughts, of ye be walkin' the plank. They were rolled up and sealed with a round gold sticker. 

The day: I decorated with an old trunk someone sold at a yard sail.  I spray painted it rust red with gold hinges. It contained a tresure of plastic coins, beaded necklaces from mardi gras, and crystal stones you'd use in your aquarium, all on a bead of gold lamme material to make it look like a lot (newspaper underneath for height!) Topped off with a Disney Pirate Flag.   Lots of people wore white shirts and black pants,  I had purchased cardboard Pirate Hats, and skull bandanas. Each chose their preference. I also used scraps of red/burgandy material for waist saches.   We ate grull with maggots (spagetti with meatballs) and bread sticks to dip (lots of the kids used as swords with blood on them!) and other accessories to the meal. (salad, gold fish crackers, gummi worms)  

Craft - We made Treasure Chests supplied by Oriental Trading Co, I put them together for the smaller children, and they mostly decorated them with jewels and beads. 

Next we had a tresure hunt.  Since it was held in the church hall, I improvised.  I decorated black lunch bags with white skull and crossbones. (White out does wonders!) I made Treasure Stones out of coffee grounds, sand, flour, etc. (I got the recipe from the day care instructor.)  Filled them each with a map of the room and what they would find there. I also included a ring pop as an additional tresure item.   While they opened the stones, each had directions to the follow treasure: telescopes (party store bought, or use can make them out of paper towel rolls)   compasses - party store bought pirate flags - party store bought or you can make them out of paper and a straws. 

Chocolate Gold coins - I bought them at the 99 cent store, wrapped 6 "shillings" per bag.  Made the bags out of black netting tied with ribbon.

Parrot Necklaces - again, Oriental Trading.  Made them in advance. Too complicated for the kids. Besides, what Pirate isn't complete without his parrot? Most of the kids pinned them to their shoulder!

Sea Life bottles - Used empty 8 oz water bottles. Put 3/4's baby oil, small ocean shells, some laua party confetti, topped off with tap water, 1 drop of blue food coloring (optional) lidded tightly, and presto, ocean in a bottle! 

After everyone found their treasure, we had a gold coin Pinata (regular round pull string kind, sprayed lightly gold. Filled with plastic and chocolate gold coins. And other filler candy. (candy necklaces, candy rings etc) 

The cake was a Pirate beach scene. Complete with Pirate ship and palm tree!  Friends made it and it was delicious!  The parents/kids all said it was the best party they'd ever attended!  We took a group picture around the tresure chest and that will go in the thank you cards.

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