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August 2011


Runner Up

This year my 10 year old wanted a Pirates of the Caribbean birthday party.  We always do HUGE parties - so this one had to be as good as the movie that he had just recently seen.  We started about a month or so ahead of time, planning, and making the decorations. 

First we made his invitiation.  I used plain white copy paper, took a window cling of the pirates logo (from the Disney movie) and copied it on the bottom of the paper.  Second, I typed the invite - it read:  Ahoy thar Matey!  Ye be invited fer some birthday spirits!  Our own Capt'n Jack Sparrow otherwise known as Nick Alleman be setting sail to look for the fountain of youth.  Ye be invited to join his crew.  We be gatherin at the Alleman port our address by (your address) at 4:00pm on Sunday July 3rd.  It be a good idea if ye be dressed in pirate gear otherwise ye may be risking yer own neck.  If ye don't have pirate attire the first mate will find some rags fer ye to wear.  (This next part was only added for the boys attending) - If ye be a he and not a her the Capt'n be askin if ye would like to stay on board his ship fer an overnight viewing of his most famous films.  If so bring ye bedroll attire and ye swim trunks - in case ye need to walk the plank and swim with the fishes. (The rest was on both girls and boys invites) - If ye dare attend have yer mum send word by parrot or phone to (phone #) by June 30th as we need time to prepare the galley grub & gear.  The fountain of youth be closer than ye think.  Aaarrr!!"  After typing and printing out the invites we soaked them in coffee to color the paper.  Once dry we burned the edges with fire and then tied them with twine.  My husband and son hand delivered them to each of the kids who were invited to the pary as we didn't want to offend anyone in school not invited to the party.  Nick's parties are a big hit and if everyone in his grade was not invited some would have hurt feelings. 

After the invites were delivered we started working on the pirate ships.  We asked a local appliance store for some large boxes.  We used a refridgerator box and a stove box for each ship.  We broke the boxes down and retaped them in the appearance of a ship body.  We had a capt'n area at the back of each ship and curved the front of each ship.  We then spraypainted them dark brown.  We cut holes in the sides for cannons.  The cannons were a long piece of black foam (used for pipes) cut down into smaller pieces - we sewed each cannon into place.  Using plastic pvc piping we cut and secured a mast for both ships.  We spraypainted them black.  I purchased two white sheets at a thrift store and rolled them up for the appearance of sails.  We then attached black pirate flags at the top of each mast.  We used two different flags since they were different ships.  When we made the ships we made sure to make them look a little different along the edges.  Make sure the ships have a back door in them so the pirates can get in and out.  After the ships were made I made a fountain of youth.  I used cardboard boxes and made what appeared to be a cardboard table - spraypainted it gray and errected it on top of our outside stone fire pit.  Using vines from our flower bed I hung the vines from the top draping them down along the sides.  In the fire pit I used an old sheet (tan in color) with more vines to look like the bottom of the FOY when the goblet sits.  I purchased the goblet from Suncoast Video Stores in a Pirates Yatzee game. 

For other decorations we used black foam board and glued a skull and crossbones on it to look like another flag.  We secured that from our front porch.  My husband used another pirate flag and errected a flag pole in the front yard.  Our street is a busy one and lots of people were interested on what was going on!  We set up the pirate ships in the back yard.  We used a skeleton (from our Halloween decorations) and dressed him in pirate rags and hung him from the tree in back.  I made up a pirate treasure hunt for a game and printed off the clues (using the POC Disney webpage for clue cards) - but made my own clues.  I made the cake the day before.  Using a picture of Capt'n Jack from the movie we had an edible image made and placed it on the corner of the cake.  I then used some other pirate pictures - and two new figures and placed Jack and Blackbeard sword fighting on the cake.  I used a treasure chest candle and pirate coins to decorate the corners .  Trimmed the cake in red and black.  I also made the food ahead of time.  Using some pirate items as ideas. 

We served the following buffet style (I made name cards for each):  Dead Man's Fingers (hot dogs cut in half rolled in bacon and baked in brown sugar sauce) Cannonball (swedish meatballs - done in a crock pot) Matey's Meat Picks (balogna and cheese cubed on sword toothpicks) First Mates Fruit (fruit tray of fresh fruits - pineapple was a big hit!) Capt's Cookies (a cookie tray of soft sugar cookies - topped with shark dolphin fish and sea turtle sprinkles) and goldfish crackers in smaller bowls.  The last item was an edible aquarium.  I purchased a small aquarium from Walmart (approx $5) put grapes (white and red) and blueberries in the bottom of it.  I made about 4 or 5 boxes of blue jello and put it into the aquarium and then placed gummy fish and gummy sharks inside the jello.  The kids loved fishing the tank to get the gummies out!  I used black table cloths purchased at the Dollar Tree along with black plates napkins and plastic ware.  I did buy some Pirates plates from the Walmart party section along with a plastic Disney pirate cup for each party guest.  When the guests arrived some in costume - others not - we made sure each was dressed as they wanted to be. 

If they needed a costume I used a maroon table cloth (cut up in strips) - for belts or headbands.  The birthday boy wore a Jack Sparrow costume from Disney).  Each guest was given an eyepatch and a gold hoop earring (party store).  Then they were each given the opportunity to have tatoos put on them.  After being "dressed" each pirate had to pick a pirate name.  I made a list of names up.  They used their own name as one part of a three-part name.  Such as Lass Elise Scalleywag.  We had 12 kids attend in total (would have been more but Nick's birthday is July 4th) - hard to schedule on a holiday weekend!  After names were picked we started the games.  We had the pirates draw coins from a cup to determine which ship they were assigned.  If the coin had a black dot - they were on the black pearl - if not - they were on the capt'ns ship.  Once "on" their ships we started with the first game of walk the plank.  We set up two planks (long pieces of wood) - each crew had to have everyone blindfolded and come out of their ship and walk the plank - one at the time.  First team done and back inside their ship won.  This was a popular game and was played more than once. 

Second game was cannonball blast.  We used black balloons and each crew member was given one had to come out of their ships (one at a time) and sit on their balloon to break them.  Next game we met in the side yard - it was a "hot weatherball game".  Using a Disney toy pirate ball (rubber ball filled with water and a pirate ship - purchaed at Toys R Us) - they played a game similar to hot potato.  Last person standing won.  For each game winner we had goblets purchased for prizes.  Next we had a Capt'ns buffet.  We let the kids have 30 minutes or so to each our pirate food.  During the meal I let each crew member know that we had a Capt'n's Logbook in which they could write a special note to the Captn for his birthday.  Each did and it's a great addition for him to look back at. 

We also had a large treasure chest set up as a party decoration which was filled with coins necklaces rings and such.  We used this for our next game - which was a pirate booty scramble.  Just like a pinata - or candy scramble - we tossed the booty out to the guests - and what they picked up - they kept.  Next game was a treasure hunt.  Using the clue cards I made the crews went on a treasure hunt.    They were given some of the following clues "Its' time to go to the front of the house Look on the place that serves as the mouth." (Front Door) - hanging on the front door would be the next clue "Look in the bed but do not sleep - close to the ground you may creep" (Flower Bed) - next clue - "An old matey could take me down and make me into a boat to sail around" (Tree) - next clue - I don't go out and play - I just sit and stay home all day.  You may have thought to welcome thee but just wipe your feet on me" (Welcome Mat) this went on for about 8 or 9 clues - last clue was "In this treasure hunt - this is the last tip - have you looked on your own pirate ship?" - which led them back to the pirate ships - when we hid a small version of a treasure chest on each ship - with booty for the pirates in it.  Each crew had the same clues - just not at the same time.  They loved this game. 

After the hunt we played musical islands - cut out small islands to stand on which music played - minus one for the captn - and when the music stopped - they jumped on an island.  (Like musical chairs).  Last game was a cannonball fight - we paired them up - one from each crew and they had to had a water balloon toss - but instead of fighting with the balloons - they had to work together.  Last team standing (balloon not broken got a prize).  They liked this one so much - we had to make lots of extra balloons!  We used black balloons - but ran out (after 150) - so we had to use blue ones I bought as back ups! 

Party guests were then brought back to the tables so that the Capt'n could have his special time.  We had the cake and ice cream and the Capt'n opened his gifts.  We used the crews pirate names and drew names one at a time - to see who would give his gift to the Capt'n each time.  This was great because it gave each guest a chance to have his or her name called and we weren't rushed into a "Me First" time.  The party lasted about 3-4 hours - which is normal for one of our parties!  Each guest went home with a booty box - plus their stuff they picked up from prizes and the treasure booty.  We took pictures of the pirates surrounding the ships and each guest will be given a copy with their thank you card.  The kids had a blast - and said that they can't wait for next year's party!!!!  "

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