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Pool Pirate Party 6yr - Pirate Music CD




Nan in Crestview, Florida, USA


August 2004


Special Mention

Pool Pirate Party for my son's 6th birthday! 

Invitation read: "Ahoy Matey!  Stop yer pillaging; lend me yer ear, I have a message for ye to hear! The Treasure's been stolen, it must be found, So tighten ye sashes Buccaneer Bay bound!  Shiver me timbers, thar's a magic pirate on board, Drinkin shark's blood, and flailin his sword! Bring yer swim gear, it's gonna be wet.  Ye be Walkin the Plank on this ye can bet! I'm Captain Dastardly Dax, and will lead the way, On August 21stàI turn 6 that day!  We be settin sail at 2:00 fer some Swashbucklin fun, Thar'll be a ôblastö of cannonballs on our day in the sun!"  Used card stock, burnt edges, dabbed w/wet tea bags, rolled, tied w/raffia, put in plastic water bottle w/sand and shells.  Attached label for each child using their made up "Pirate Name."  Parents were calling telling me how much they loved the invites. 

Decorations:  Ordered pirate cutouts from Novelty Sales, and flags from e-bay.  Made two banners from brown wrapping paper (Happy Birthday Captain Dax) for by the pool, and (Welcome to Buccaneer Bay) for front yard, burnt edges and wrapped around tiki torches.  Purchased plastic skeleton ($7.99), and hanging skeleton from Big Lots to put on front porch w/ "Beware, pirates on board" sign (Novelty Sales.) Confetti, streamers and fish net adorned the "Captain's Galley"...kitchen.  Had Play Mobile pirate ship for centerpiece.   

Made "loot bags" (brown paper bags tied w/raffia) with items from Oriental Trading Company (skull pencils, candy necklaces, gold coins, tatoos, etc.) and put in Treasure Chest. 

Cake was a pirate ship, and a deserted island (brown sugar used for sand).  Got idea from internet, bought all accessories, and took to local bakery to put together.  Just before serving, surrounded cake w/blue jello (choppy sea), and put gummy sharks encircling.  Everyone absolutely loved the cake. 

Was decorated with play mobile pirates purchased at Target. Yard was labeled shark pool; bat cave, forbidden forest, snapping turtle creek, and Capt Hook's Hideout!  Made with cut up poster board, and stapled to wooden stakes, painted w/red paint.  This was used for the treasure hunt. 

Had large box wrapped in brown paper with "Keep yer hands off the Captain's loot" written on front, used for gifts.  Whiskey barrel filled with ice on the back porch held the drinks for big and little kids! Black and red helium balloons filled the house, and some outside by the porch and on the mailbox.  Kids arrived, and took off for the pool. 

After everyone arrived, we played the first game...eating dead parrot guts (mixed jello w/cut up gummy worms, sharks, and marshmellows.)  Backward crab walk, then face down in jello, eating with no hands.  I learned quickly that this age does not like "winners", so I just called the winner the champion "guts" eater!  Played in the pool some more, then did "Pirate Olympics" (cannonball run). 

Had cannonballs made of newspaper and grey duct tape. Set up two "planks" (2X4s set up on bricks).  Divided kids into two teams.  Put cannonballs at one end, and laundry baskets at the other end of the plank.  Starter had to put on sash, eye patch and hat, grab a cannonball, walk the plank (if they fell off they had to start over), drop the ball in the basket and run back to the starting line.  Take off their "garb" and pass to the next person, and so on.  The team with the most cannonballs in the basket at the end of 5 minutes won "gold" coins and the losers had to "walk the plank" (diving board into the pool.)  They both tied, and therefore all kids walked the plank (they preferred over gold coins!)  The best part was watching them get dressed.  They were hilarious. 

Then it was time for the magic show.  I hired a "Pirate" magician.  He was wonderful and kept the kids entertained for almost an hour.  He made balloon swords and parrots for all the kids. 

I fed them pirate pie (pizza) and shark's blood (7-up w/hawaiian punch ice cubes.) Also, had watermelon (prevent scurvy), and gold fish for snacks.  Then after more pool play it was time for cake, ice cream and opening gifts.  I had skull beads and plastic ribbon on the table for each to make a bracelet while waiting to be served their cake. 

Then it was  Treasure Hunt time:  this was the hardest part, and the most brain consuming.  So, I'll put in detail to try to help someone else.  Started with:  (this I pillaged from another idea)  "My treasure was stolen by Captain Hook, but he left some clues where we can look.  All together look far and wide for the parts of his map that he did hide.  When we put it together the pieces will show exactly where we have to go! 

But first, we must be prepared for the battles we may fight.  I gave them each a pirate bandana for boys (oriental trading), red satin head band for girls (made from material from walmart), black/white striped sash (again from discount rack at walmart), sword w/eye patch (orental trading), smaller version for girls (local party store) telling them why they needed each of those items.  Had "special" accessory kit for my son from Birthday Express (hat, parrot, earring, sword).  Then off for the hunt.  

#1 The first clue is hidden in the deep blue sea.  Who will me diver be?  (Picked birthday boy.)  Had to dive in pool for bottle w/piece of map inside and second clue. 

Spin round and round and ye will find clue #2 on ye mind.  Ye must turn twice on the bat; count to 3, run thru the bat cave to succeed.  (Dizzy bat).  Once all were thru the bat cave (child's tent), they got the next clue.  Now we must venture to the forbidden forest if you dare; oh…ye must proceed with care. 

There ye will find clue #3.  Watch out…for the deadly tree.  Clue was attached to tree limb in a small grove of trees. 

Clue #4 is a mystery you see; oh where, oh where can it be.  OK…let's see…we'll take a peek at a place we call "snappin' turtle creek." (Swing set with rope attached.  Each child had to successfully swing across the creek (small pool underneath with rubber turtles).  Once completed, they got the last piece of the map.  We put it together and it showed the location of the treasure (Captain Hook's Hideout.)  It was covered up in the back of a wooden shed. 

The treasure chest (novelty sales) was filled with the loot bags.  I made a few extra which was good because I had 4 extra children show up that had not rsvp'd.  The kids had a great time, and my son thought everything was just the best.  Also ordered "Pirate music CD" from Deadmentellnotales.com to play during the party.  Plan to use the "Friends are the best Treasures" idea for Thank yous.  I will say this was a major undertaking and you need at least 3 weeks to plan.  Order your items at least two weeks in advance or you'll end up paying express shipping which is double in some cases.  And, get help!! 

Many thanks to my friend Leslie who did the sewing of the sashes and head bands.  My older children for helping me decorate.  (Ok, husband too…he mowed the lawn and set up the planks for me.)Without them it wouldn't have happened.  And, best of luck to parents…it's a lot of work, but well worth it!!!

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