Pirates of the Caribbean

Treasure Chest Party -4yr- Treasure Map




Penny in San Diego, CA


August 2001


Honorable Mention

For my  daughters 4th birthday she wanted a pink and yellow "treasure  chest" birthday party. 

I made the invitations out of parchment paper.  On the front I wrote "You're invited to Haley's Treasure Chest Birthday Party".  The inside was the date, time of the treasure hunt), and location of treasure island (The park where the party was held). I also drew a treasure map starting at the child's house with dotted lines around a lake, trees, and mountains ending up  at a red X that marked the site of the treasure chest on treasure island. I then  cut the edges to make them look worn. 

When the children arrived they decorated their treasure chest with stickers, jewels, and glitter.  I purchased these jewelry boxes from Oriental Trading and painted them pink, yellow and blue before the party.  The stickers, jewels, and glitter where included. 

Next each princess was given a halo crown and each pirate was given an eye patch.  We were going on our treasure hunt!  What do you need to start your hunt? A telescope of course.  I had purchased these a Pic N Save.  With telescopes and treasure chests in hand we sang "Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A pirates life for me!" and then they were off!  I had 6 clues (the oldest child read them out load)that would lead to their treasures which they would have to dig for. 

The first clue was " To get across the sea you would ride in me".  The answer was a ship which had another clue attached to it and so on.  The last clue led them to a plastic pool which had all the treasures covered with packing peanuts. Haley's Grandma would hold up the treasure (a bag of chocolate coins) and the digging would begin.

After each child found their coins, Grandma would hold up the next treasure.  With peanuts flying everywhere  each child found a bag of chocolate coins, bubbles, play jewel ring for girls and whistle for boys, party popper, and clapping  hands.  Then we had them break a treasure chest pinata which I had ordered from an online party supply store.

Haley's cake was a treasure chest birthday cake with chocolate coins, gold bars, and candy necklaces  hanging out of it. I got the recipe from Family.com. It was almost to cute to eat!  Each girl  got a candy necklace and each boy got a gold bar of chocolate.  I had so many compliments on this party. The parents seemed to enjoy it as much as the children. 

My daughter says she wants a treasure chest birthday again next year.  You've got some great ideas for a Wizard of OZ birthday Do you think I can change her mind?

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