Pink Poodle Party

Pink Poodle Party -3yr- Pink Purse Favors




Deanna in Vancouver, WA USA


June 2006



For my daughter's 3rd birthday, we chose to do a Pink Poodles in Paris theme.  I had travelled to Paris when I was in high school and wanted to share a little bit of french flair with my daughter!  And as she loves poodles, we thought this was the perfect theme. 

I handmade the invitations with pink paper, black & white ribbon and poodle stickers I had found at Michael's craft store.  The front of the invitation looked like a wrapped package with a gift tag that said "Ooh La La, Mon Cheri, looks who's turning 3".  Inside they read "Bonjour, Mademoiselle or Monsieur (whatever the child's name was)!  Please join us in wishing Mademoiselle Emily a joyeux trois anniversaire!  (Happy 3rd Birthday) Location: Chez Dahlen  Le Heure (time) and Le Date (date).  Respondez s'il vous plait.  We bought our paper supplies from Birthday Express' Pink Poodle in Paris line. 

The craft project table was decorated with the pink eiffel tower cutout from Birthday express, a large pink poodle stuffed animal and sparkly pink and white confetti.  There were pink, purple and white balloons throughout.  The cake table was decorated with pink and white M&M's that looked like confetti, a metal Eiffel Tower replica and pink tipped white roses. 

The menu:  croissant sandwiches, fruit tray, cheese tray, chips, pink poodle punch (sprite, raspberry Crystal Light and raspberry sherbert float).  The cake was a chocolate cake with plain white frosting from Costco that read "Joyeux Anniversaire, Mademoiselle Emily" which I decorated with pink M&M's (at the time of the party, there were pink M&M's in stores to help benefit the Susan G. Komen foundation and as there is a family history of breast cancer, I thought this was only fitting) and an Eiffel Tower candle I already had.  Ice cream choices were French Silk and French Vanilla, of course!

The craft projects: the girls and boys started out by coloring pages I had made from enlarging pictures of a french rubber stamp set from Stampin' Up.  There were pictures of a poodle, the eiffel tower, shopping bags and a girl on a scooter. Once they were done coloring, the next craft project was to decorate pink foamies purses I had purchased from Michael's craft store with black foamies poodle I had precut for them and various sparkly stickers. 

I had also purchased black foamies sunglasses from Michaels that both the girls and boys decorated with gems.  There were a couple of boys at the party that I made dog bone baskets for (instead of pink purses) by cutting out a large dog bone shape from foam and gluing to white storage trays.  The purses and baskets were then used to collect candy from doing a pink poodle pull string pinata. 

The games:  the pinata and pin the tail on the pink poodle.  My mom, who is quite the artist, had drawn a picture of a pink poodle, colored it in with chalks and made a detachable tail to play the game with.

The party favors:  the pink purses and sunglasses they had made, candy from the pinata, their coloring pages and the party favor boxes from the Birthday Express Pink Poodle in Paris line. 

Thank you's were simple black and white Thank You cards I had found at Michaels in their $1 bins that I added pink ribbon and poodle stickers to the front.  The party was a huge success for both parents and children alike!!

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