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January 2006


Special Mention

Pink Poodles in Paris Party 5 Year Old Girl  For my daughter, Sydney's, 5th Birthday - we decided on the Pink Poodle theme.  I found a darling Parisian Girl standing before the Eiffel Tower in clip art and made cute invitations on my computer and printed them out on Pink Card stock with sparkles on the girl- they read: Ooh-La-La!!! Le Birthday Party For Mademoiselle Sydney Erin Stites! (Picture) 

Le Details: Date Please come to Le Stites House Address 4-6 PM (Promptly!)  A pretend day in Paris is waiting for you with dress-up, cupcakes and Pink Poodles too!   How to speak French: Joyeux Anniversaire (Happy Birthday) Bonjour  (Hello) Merci (Thank you) Au revoir (Good by)  Bonjour, ma cheri-respondez s'il vous plait . . . The plans must begin for the party today!!! Kindly Respond to Madame Kristina at(phone) by (date) 

The girls arrived in cute party attire right on schedule.  I had a table covered in a pink plastic table cloth set up with a sign above that read Boutique de Paris.  They could choose a nail polish shade, sparkles and lipgloss and they sat down to get beauty salon treatments.  I also had a flowered box to the side with pretty pink maribou boas, a necklace and ring for them to get dressed up in for the party. 

They girls had fun dressing up as each got her nails and makeup done!  We then had a runway fashion show and they each modeled their nails, makeup and fun accessories and had their photos taken with the birthday girl (I sent each girls' photo in our thank you notes later). I circled the twelve excited girls up and taught them a few French words and phrases so they could talk a little to each other during the party. 

They learned Happy Birthday, Hello, Goodbye, thank you, please, very stylish, and fabulous - they did great and each took turns trying to pronounce the words and laughing!   Then it was time for the fabulous pink, sparkly poodle table - very festive!  I had decorated with a bright pink table cloth, bright pink tulle over it and a black and pink polka dot runner down the middle.  I had found a Pink, white and Black sparkly poodle (the size of a Barbie) and had it made into a cake (just like the Barbie Cakes with the skirt) and it made a fabulous centerpiece.  I found bright pink striped and polka dot plates and napkins.  The Birthday Express Eiffel Tower Sippy Cups looked so cute and each girl also had the Pink Poodle Purse with a Poodle Charm Bracelet in it as a favor by her plate.  We also got the Poodle Party Blowers from Birthday Express. 

Each girl also had a pink cup filled with pink/purple dog bone cereal (Scooby doo cereal) - too cute.  I had found various poodle and Paris decorations on the table - a Maribou Boa wound on my lighting fixture above, a Pink Paris Umbrella and hat, a few sparkly poodles - the girls noticed all the little details.  Each had a big pink tulle bow tied on the back of her chair, placecards and I had blown up about 50 pink, silver and bright pink balloons and they were all around the entrance and the table! 

I made PB&J sandwiches and cut them out with a heart shaped cookie cutter and mini hot dogs and cheese wrapped in croissants, I also served baby carrots and cut up cheese - I put these on silver trays and everything looked very fancy.  I also set up some snacks for the parents who stayed in my kitchen along with sodas and wine.  I made heart shaped cakes for each girl and had various pink sprinkles and they fixed them up and ate them with ice cream.  They loved the table and the treats. 

While my friends helped clean up the table and food and set up our craft, I took the girls over to play a game.  I had a black posterboard and had hot glued a darling Pink Felt Poodle that I had made on it.  I used pink pompons on the head and ears, a google eye, sparkly gemstones for the collar and wrote Pin the Tail on Fi Fi and Le Woof in silver paint pen - he looked so cute and he was also our backdrop when the girls had their photos taken earlier.  The girls were blindfolded and tried to place a large pink pompon at the end of his tail.  They had lots of fun with this.  The winner received a cute Poodle Silk jewelry box I found.  We then played "FiFi says" (like Simon Says) and the girls had to go sit in Le Dog Pound when they were out.  I made a sign over our couch and they hung out there - the winner got a Poodle Stain Glass Craft Kit. 

Then it was time for our craft - I got the sunglass decorating craft from Birthday express - good to have Moms around to help with this.  The girls decorated their glasses and we set them aside to dry and went to do the Pinata.  The Birthday Express Pink Poodle Pinata is terrific and all the girls said their favorite part of the party was hitting FiFi and getting the candy inside!  Of course!  I had pink handle bags with their names on and they put their pinata candy, poodle purses, bracelets, party blowers, jewelry and boas in it - good to keep everyones things together. 

Lastly, it was time for presents.  My daughter thanked everyone and their parents arrived to take them home from their exciting day in Paris with their goody bag and fun memories of a very special day with friends!  I received so many compliments and calls from the other Moms - they all loved the theme and goodies.  My daughter was glowing, thanked me so many times for her wonderful birthday party and still tells me all the time how it was the best party ever! 

I have three daughters and plan on using this theme again in the future, so I made sure to save my decorations, Eiffel Tower sippies, etc.  I hope Birthday Express keeps the theme around for a few years so we can buy Poodle trinkets again!

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