Pink Poodle Party

Pink Poodle Party - Build A Poodle




Lori in Melrose, MA America


June 2010


Honorable Mention

My daughter wanted a Poodle Party" for her birthday.  I decided I would set it up like "Build a Bear". I purchased the unstuffed poodles from " adollysworld.com for 9 dollars a piece it comes with the stuffing already pre-bagged for each child a "wishing star" to put in the poodle and blank birth certificates.  Also the poodle have a zipper and then velcro there is no sewing involved.  When the girls arrived they were welcomed and invited to dip some treats in the chocolate fondue fountain.  I had marshmallows strawberries and pound cake for the chocolate fondue.  They could not get enough of that it was a BIG hit!!

Next the girls were ready to stuff and dress up their poodles. I set up different stations for the girls.  STATION 1  STUFFING They went to the "stuffing table" then they could choose the order of their stations so there wouldn't be too many people at one table. 

STATION 2 Decorate your poodle t-shirt.  I  purchased blank white t-shirts for the poodles for 2 dollars a piece. The girls used fabric markers to decorate their poodle  shirt.  A lot of girls wanted to write their puppies name on the shirt.  Also the girls should decorate both sides of the shirt because you can actually see the back of the shirt more when the poodle is sitting on all "fours". 

STATION 3 "decorate your dog's collar"  I cut foam strips about an inch wide then I put sticky velcro on the ends so it could go on and off easily.  I bought a bunch of sticky jewels from Michaels.  The girls decorate the dog collars with the "jewels". 

STATION 4 "Decorate Your Visor"  I made little visors from foam and gold elastic ribbon.  I bought foam shapes from Michaels (flowers hearts letters).  The girls decorated their dog's visor with the foam shapes.  STATION 5 "Ribbons"  I bought a few spools of cute ribbon and cut them in pieces.  The girls could choose a few colors and then I tied them around their ears. 

STATION 6 "birth certificate"  I had a neighborhood girl come over to help.  When the girls were done they went to her to have their birth certificate filled out. Once the girls all finished their poodles I took a picture of them all with their poodles.  I then used that picture for the thank you cards.  After the picture the girls were ready for lunch so we headed to the dining room.  I had blank table cloths with pink boas going down the middle of the table.  I used the "Pink Poodle Pinata as the center piece. 

I bought cheap black chair cover and pink sashes around each chair and pink confetti on the table.  I also had the Pink Poodle Plates at each seat.  I got those at oriental trading.  The room looked amazing.  For lunch the girls had ham and cheese croissant made from a local bakery.  And pink lemonade to drink. 

After lunch the kids played in the bouncy for a little while then we played "pin the pom pom on fifi".  The girls had to pin the white pom pom on the end of fifi's tail.  And lastly they hit the Pink Poodle Pinata and collected their goodies. I put candy pink poodle stickers (ebay) poodle necklaces (oriental trading) and jewelry in the pinata. 

After the pinata  we sang happy birthday.  A local bakery  did an amazing job drawing a "pink poodle ' on the cake.  It was adorable.  I didn't really make any favor bags because I felt like the stuffed poodle and pinata goodies were their favor.  The girls seem to have a good time.  I will definitely plan this party for my younger daughter some day."

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