Peter Pan Party

Peter Pan -4yr- Little Wendy & Captain Hook




Melissa in West Bend, Wisconsin


June 2004


Special Mention

Peter Pan girl/boy birthday party age 4.    My daughter loves Peter Pan and wanted a Peter Pan birthday party.  She adores Wendy and wanted her included somehow into the party. This is a hard party to plan. There really isn't too much out there for supplies so I had to use my imagination and come up with some ideas.   

Invitations:  The invitations were adorable!!  I used lavendar scrapbook paper with sparkling stars from a local store and cut it down to approx 7 x 4 size.  The paper itself is made by Sandylion and is called Cinderella purple.  I typed the following..  "Think of the happiest things, it's the same as having wings.  There's a neverland waiting for you where all your happy dreams come true.  Where there's a smile in your heart Theres no better time to start. Think of all the joy you'll find when you leave the world behind and bid your cares goodbye.  YOU CAN FLY!!" 

The words came from two verses from the "You can Fly" song.  I wrote "Tinkerbell invites you to a Peter Pan birthday party.  Who:  daughter's name AKA Wendy Darling Where:  Neverland second star to the right on \*\* Lane.  Given by:  Captain hook, Peter Pan, and the rest of the gang.  Bring your faith and trust.  We'll supply the pixie dust.  I used glitter glue pens of silver and made a pixie dust trail all along the words.  At the end of the trail I put a tinkerbell sticker. The invitations looked like tink had flown all over it and left her pixie trail!! On the back side I had printed off a pirate treasure map off the internet.  For the treasure, I marked an X at Kailyn's house.  

Cake:  I had the cake done at the local grocery store as a 1/2 sheet cake with tinkerbell green frosting saying Happy 4th Birthday.  I had them scan a picture of my daughter with Peter Pan (from Disney World) onto the center of the cake.  I added my own plastic Hook, Tink, Wendy, and Pan to the cake.  I also sprinkled yellow pixie dust sprinkles (Wilton) in a trail like pattern around the cake.  

Table:  The table was decorated with a Peter Pan theme in mind.  I used a solid green plastic throwaway tablecloth.  Down the center of the cloth I spread large red feathers to appear as Peter Pan's hat.  I used plain green cups, napkins, and plates as well.  I found a flying Tinkerbell toy that actually flaps its wings at KB toys.  I hung it from our chandelier over the cake.  It flapped its wings and appeared to be flying over the table specifically the cake.  The kids really liked that touch.  

Our attire:  I went on Ebay looking for a blue satin nightgown for my daughter and found one.  She looked just like Wendy.  We curled her hair in back and tied it up with a satin blue ribbon.  She looked so adorable.  My son wore a long white nightshirt like Jonathon, I wore a oversized green polo shirt, green tights, and my son's Peter Pan hat with the red feather and all.  My husband was Captain hook.  He wore a black jacket and black pants.  We bought a cheap eyepatch and beard for his face. My daughter has a Snow White wig.  My husband put it on his head for the black curly hair and wore a bucaneer pirate hat on top.  We crumpled up aluminum foil for a hook.  It was unbeliveable how much like hook he looked!!!  

Decorations:  In the front yard I made a huge sign that said Welcome to Neverland.  My husband brought his fishing boat to the front yard.  On the fishing boat he made a mast by shaping two wooden rods into a cross shape.  On the top of the mast I hung a Pirate flag.  We put purple and black balloons all around the ship.  The kids LOVED climbing in and out of it!  As the kids arrived my husband (hook) and I (pan) were having a sword fight inside of the ship.  From a hidden boombox I had the song Yo ho, Yo ho, a pirates life for me" blaring in the background.  In the back yard we set up a huge tent and filled it with balloons.  We called that the Lost boys cave.  In the backyard we had the song "following the leader" playing to go with the theme.  Inside I had the movie Peter Pan playing on the tv.  We decorated the inside of the house with green and red balloons.  In the playroom I hung tons of curling ribbon from the ceiling.  I also strung up 10 gold stars and hung them from the ceiling.  This was the "second star to the right room"  It looked so cute.    

Games:  We played "Walk the Plank" out by the pirate ship.  Basically, the kids just used a 2x4 as a balance beam.  They are too young to award prizes so their were no specific winners.  They did this again to the yo ho music again.  The second game was "following the leader".  I had the kids follow me to the backyard doing various things like skipping, hopping, galloping, etc.  When they got to the back yard I had a obstacle course set up with tires to jump in and out of, a slide to go down, crates to jump off of, etc.  Finally the kids arrived in the Lost boys cave where they threw the balloons around and had a great time. 

Next we went in the house where we played pin the feather on Peter's hat.  Out of green construction paper I made a large Pan shaped hat.  Since we were not playing for a winner, I let the kids use the same red feather with sticky tape on the backside and the kids blindfolded walked up and stuck the feather on the hat.  They really liked this easy game.  My last game was a pirate treasure hunt.  I had the kids follow very simple rules (i.e. look under daughter's pillow to find clue 2)to find a huge box filled with their individual treasure chest treats.

Goodies:  I bought treasure box from Oriental trading and spray painted them brown for the boys. I put gold, ribbon to make them really look like treasure boxes. The girls I used square jewelry boxes and painted them pink.  On the outside I hot glued various colored tiny shells (I bought at a local hobby store).  Inside I put pirate tattoo's, eye patches, gold coins and candy in the boys.  The girls had a shell bracelet, a girl tattoo, candy, and a gold bead necklace and gold coins.  I bought the boys inflatable swords also.  They received these at the end of the party.  The swords were bought from a party store and were approx.  4 ft long.  I didn't realize when I bought them that they were so huge.  THE BOYS LOVED THEM!!!  They were a huge hit!!!  I've got some great pictures of the boys having a "pirate fight" with their swords by the pirate ship!!  The boys also received a pirate bandana. 

I didn't mention, but my goal was to have the boys looking like pirates.  The girls were meant to be Tinkerbell fairies. I hand made wands and halo's for each girl.  The wands were made of dowel sticks cut in half.  I glued a large butterfly on top of each wand.  I used pink tulle and pink shades of curling ribbon and secured that to the back of the butterfly with the strings hanging down.  The halo's were made from gold star garland measured to my daughter's head and formed.  I tied pink tule and lots of curling ribbon to each halo.  The girls loved these!! 

My daughter still plays with hers.     While opening presents and eating dinner we played my Peter Pan soundtrack.  That really set the mood and was lots of fun!!     The food was rather general, but I did make a tinkerbell punch with green sherbet and pink fruit punch.  Also, I had crocodile pickles.  I pinned raisins in place for the eyes.  The kids loved them.  I also made rice krispie bars and shaped each one into hooks and dipped the bottoms of the hook in chocolate to look like captain hook's sleeve.    

Overall, the kids LOVED the party.  Even the adults still talk about it.  It was one of the best children's parties I have ever thrown or been to.  FYI, I was planning on spending more time outside, but we were nailed with heavy rain.  Luckily, I managed to quickly get my two outside games in right as the kids arrived.  After the gifts were opened, food was eaten, and games were over it was fairly nice outside again.  That way the kids were still able to play on the "pirate ship".

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