Peter Pan Party

Peter Pan Party -5yr- Playground Pirate Ship




Laurel in San Jose, CA


Oct 2003


Honorable Mention

Peter Pan/Tinkerbell 5 year Party  (Caution: Long!) For my daughter's fifth birthday we chose a Peter Pan theme with an emphasis on Tinkerbell.  I hand-made the invitations with a map of Neverland matted and pasted on the front of a heavy square card.  The inside had sparkle vellum with wording I stole from another party on this site! "Think of the Happiest Things It’s the Same as Having Wings!/Come fly with us for Sofia’s Fifth Birthday Party/The Magic Starts at 2:00 on Sunday, June 8/Gateway to Neverland/XX80 XXXXXX Street/You Provide the Faith and Trust We’ll Provide the Pixie Dust.

The invitations were mailed in vellum envelopes so that the colorful map showed through.  I created four distinct "zones" around our house and yard. The driveway was Indian Camp.  We had a teepee shaped bounce house surrounded by inflatable Totem/Tiki poles,totem decorations (Stumpz), and brown/copper/green balloon bouquets.  A large sign strung across our front porch read "Second Star to the Right" with an arrow directing guests to our side gate.  The gate was draped with star spangled gossamer hung on a PVC frame to create a dramatic doorway, and a large star of course.

Entering our side yard, guests were greeted with a Pirate's Cove sign, pirate flags and red/black balloon bouquets.  My husband created a 10' tall sail rigging for our redwood play structure complete with 4' long pirate banner.  My daughter and I tea-stained muslin so it looked aged, inserted big brass grommets and then used rope to lash it to the rigging.  Quite impressive!  Rounding the corner, guests entered Mermaid Lagoon.  I draped our pergola (patio cover) with water printed gossamer and long crepe streamers in shades of blue.  We also had cutouts of tropical fish and sea animals, and bouquets of clear and blue balloons to look like bubbles. 

The last fun item was a little adult add-on called Cocktail Cay.  We built a cool tiki bar complete with thatched roof lashed to bamboo pole supports and hula skirted bottom.  I made color copies of old Hawaiiana and family beach photos and then spent days shellacing them onto the top, which was stained a deep mahogany.  It is the envy of all our friends, and was put to use again for a luau this summer!  The adults loved having their own corner of the party and enjoyed both alcoholic and "virgin" umbrella drinks. 

For snacks we just did shrimp cocktail, goldfish,and "Pirate Chow" (I mixed trail mix and popcorn).  My daughter wore a beautiful Tinkerbell costume purchased at the WDW park in Florida.  We made pirate and indian headpieces for kids to choose if they wish.  The pirate hats were from Oriental Trading Company and we made the indian headbands with puffy paints on chamois colored felt.  The strip size could be adjusted with a pink or turquoise leather strap woven in the back.  Either headpiece could be personalized with a colorful ostrich feather (I actually ordered these from a company that does show girl costumes in Las Vegas!) "Tinkerbell" arrived to visit the party and did a great job. 

She and I coordinated our efforts on a treasure hunt, where she led the kids all over the house and yard, even out front into Indian Camp.  At that point I hung a pull-string treasure chest pinata on the pergola so when they came running back they found it.  Tinkerbell also helped my daughter blow out the candles on her cake, which my fabulous bakery created in an exact replica of the map on the invitation!  They even built up the island with icing, a Tinkerbell toy, pirate ship and included Cocktail Cay.  Tink then face painted while the kids played and the grownups relaxed. I also hired two of my best babysitters to monitor the kids, especially in the front yard. 

The party was fabulous…the worst part is now all the parents expect me to top it next year! This site is my secret weapon…thanks to all who submit such great ideas.

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