Peter Pan Party

Come to Neverland - Make Shadows Craft




Jojo in Chicago


November 2005


Honorable Mention

Invitation: Come to Never Land and Celebrate a Birthday for --- Inside: Enchantment Day: Straight on 'till morning (plus a few hours): time Second Star to the right: At (address) could even suggest they come dressed as their favorite Peter Pan character 

Decorations: Stars and star garland on the table. Sprinkle shiny confetti on the table, pixie dust Balloons hanging from ceiling (if inside) tape onto ribbon- stars, cutout of Peter, the Darling Children and Tinkerbell. Use tape to hold balloons to ceiling.  Cake: Maybe a sheet cake cut into an island shape. Frost with green top and blue sides. Place Swedish fish around edge or mermaids if you could find some. Place an volcano (edible or plastic on top) with palms. 

Jolly Roger cake:  Bake two round nine inch cakes, the bottom half will be used for the ocean, color some white icing, the second layer  cut in half and sandwiched together with chocolate icing.   Then cut the bottom half of the sandwiched cake, so that it can sit flat on the ocean (icing), this becomes  a boat, the Jolly Roger.  Use some remaining white icing for the deck of the boat. Skewers and construction paper make sails for the boat.   Place sword toothpicks on the deck of the boat, and thread some yarn through the toothpicks for the railing. Finally, write Jolly roger on the boat, make some windows and an anchor. For the plank I  a piece of graham cracker and hold in place with some wooden toothpicks. 

Goodie Bags: I always use lunch bags, usually the brown kind. If you fringe the top of them all away around (about a 2 1/2-3" cut) you can fill them then tie them off with ribbon or star garland. Decorate with stickers. 

Games and Activities: Make Shadows: Have the kids lie down on butcher paper and trace them. Cut out the bodies and let them decorate them with crayons or markers.  Hide from the Pirates: Outside, use chalk to draw circles one less then number of kids. They can be in random areas. Outside this area have the kids stand, give them a direction and a method to move (hop, run, walk, fly like Tinkerbell, walk like the Indian's or pirates) After a bit call out - "hide from the Pirates" and they all must scramble to find a "hole."

The one who does not make it stands in a "hole" for the next go round. Continue…the last one to get a "hole" wins the game.  Tagged by Captain Hook Stand the "Lost Boys" (all the kids) against a wall except one who is chosen to be Captain Hook. A signal is given and players must change ends, with Captain Hook trying to tag as many as possible. Those tagged become Hooks pirates and as such may help Hook with his hunting but only Hook can do the tagging. The pirates can catch and hang on to the Lost Boys until Hook can tag him. One pirate to hold one Lost Boy at a time. 

Who's Shadow: Hang a sheet, form teams. Take one team at a time behind the sheet with a flashlight or other light. Have the kids walk by, close up to the sheet. The team on the other side must guess the shadow of the person walking by. 

Sleeping Pirate Need: blocks of wood, can paint them to look like treasure chests Blindfolded one child, they become the sleeping pirate and sit on a chair in the middle of the room with "treasure" (blocks of wood) which he is defending, at his feet. The other kids -lost boys, line up at one end of the room. On signal, "GO", they must stalk in an attempt to pick up treasure without being caught. The sleeping pirate catches those who have made noise by pointing at them. A child pointed to must retire and start from beginning. Two try's for each player. Only one block can be captured at a time.

Variations:  Form teams…the team with the most "treasure wins." Single players…let them try to reach a goodie bag instead of the blocks. (only one though).

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