Peter Pan Party

Peter Pan Party -3yr- Alligator Magnet Craft




Betsy in Sparks, Nevada, USA


July 2003


Honorable Mention

Peter Pan Party  3 Yr Old - My son watched Peter Pan so much that it was obvious what type of party to give him.  

Invitations:  I cant draw, but I could make a messy triangle for a Peter Pan hat in green paper.  I glued a small red feather to the inside with a little showing on top.  Inside the invitation I wrote With a little Pixie Dust and happy thoughts fly on over to Neverland where James is celebrating his third Birthday  I added a little gold pixie dust to each invitation and had them RSVP to Smeed.

Smeed greeted everyone at the door and offered either a Peter Pan felt hat (again using a triangle as a pattern, it was easy to sew) with red feather or a Tinkerbell garlin head vale made of present wire garlin and curling ribbon. In our backyard I had random play areas. One was the Mermaid Lagoon  a blue wading pool with ferns, shells, netting, and tiki torches for decorations. 

Floating in the pool were squirtys to play with and nets to catch starfish, and beach balls were everywhere to bop around.  There was the parrot table area where they could make alligator magnets out of clothespins, green paint, googly eyes, black pen and a sticky magnet.

Each child received a plastic sand bucket with scoop for their goodybag where they could go to the sandbox and dig for shells.  There were cannon balls (black water balloons) to launch at an X on white cardboard but instead it turned into a free for all water fight. 

The party table was Captain Hooks boat with a sail standing up in the middle of a patio table.  The sail was made of a few pieces of wood, white plastic table cloth cut to look like a full sail stapled to the wood, and felt skull and cross bones.  The table was dressed up with a red tablecloth and fish net on top.  A few starfish, a bird and pirate (couldn’t find Peterpan) plates finished the decorations. 

The cake was a treasure chest with gold coins and edible necklaces inside.  I served goldfish, fruit kabobs, and juice to drink for snacks. One organized game I made was a treasure chest filled with clear bags of a spyglass, necklaces, gold coins (chocolate), plastic ruby's and stuffed alligators for each child. 

The treasure chest was my ice cooler with aluminum foil wrapped around and black construction paper  strips for the locks.  They had to listen for the ticking of an alarm clock placed inside the chest as their only clue as to where the treasure chest was hidden. 

At the end of the party each child went home with a sand pail filled with their treasure hunt bag, shells, alligator magnet, peter pan or tinker bell hat and a squirty.  It was great fun and my son still talks about it.

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