Oscar Party

Diva Red Carpet Party -8yr- Wall of Stars






March 2007


Honorable Mention

Well, we celebrated my daughter's 8th birthday party March 17, 2007 with 14 of her friends.  I've been planning the party for 3-4 months to make sure I have everything we need since its going to be a glamourous party.  I purchased the hollywood stars with black & gold invitations at party america. We fill out the time, date and location. Inside the invitations I made and printed an inserts shape like a megaphone saying that the party is a RED CARPET attire so the parents know how do dress up their girls. I added think like the Oscar's or academy awards dresses. 

I also asked the parents to give me a 4x6 headshot of their daughter for the WALL OF DIVAS. I purchased a huge red carpet sizes 12ft x 12ft in our local carpet store and my husband cut it to the size we need in each area.  We put a red carpet in our driveway and put a sign DIVA DROP OFF. So when the girls arrive the parents will drop them off and they will start walking in the red carpet.  I set up a photo shoot @ the red carpet with a nice background.  Inside the house we decorated with ballon bouquets. I made them a DIVA WALL OF STARS with the girls name and pictures.

I printed a label saying Starring with their name Like STARRING JOZELLE… All girls photos are posted in our wall. Since we have a ceramic floors with the squares sizes 24x24" my husband  painted stars in our floor using the washable paint that I purchased at Michaels arts & crafts store and he printed with each girls name on it.  My husband also set up a camera by the front door so they can see themselves on live T.V. as they walk in the house.  We have a huge garage that we set up a huge Hollywood ballroom with wall to wall curtains lights plants in our garage. 

We put up signs like HOLLYWOOD  AND THE WINNER IS PARTY WITH STARS and AWARDS NIGHT.  I purchased the signs at party america store.  On the right side of the room we set up a long table with red linens and decorate it with  candles and ballon bouquet  made of a silver stars shape that my friend made for me. We use picnic chairs but I covered them using my valance curtains and tied them with a ribbon to make it more elegant.  I set up red paper plates with their name also printed in a star shape disposable champagne glass for their formal seating. 

On their table I put mini sausage eggrolls and meatballs to serve as appetizer. On the left side of the room my husband set up the KARAOKE lounge with drinking fountain flowing with lemonade and a chocolate fountain fondue with fresh strawberries marsmallows & pretzels.  In the middle of the room I set up a buffet style table covered with white and black linens and  the main menus are  Bow tie spaghetti shrimp creamy alfredo chinese noodles rice chicken with asparagus and corn.  All the parents are also invited at the party to work as paparazzi and screaming fans. One of the father dress up in nice black suit with dark sun glasses on serves as the security. 

As the girls arrive he escort them and protecting them from the paparazzi.  But we have to let them stop in the red carpet for the photo shoot.  It was so funny when the Dad actually have to talk in his cordless earphone pretending to communicate with the other security guards inside the hollywood ballroom. After the meal was serve we started with games.  I started them with the musical chairs fallowed by a freeze dance singing and many more.  Each winner gets a beautiful gifts.  I also made the girls do the nominations for the awards night.  Each girls voted 14 times for all different awards like best eyes hair dress smile nails just to name a few. 

Then 3 parents starting counting the votes and we awarded each girls a title to make sure everybody gets one.  Like what I mentioned in the beginning it took me 3 months to plan this and I purchased all my prizes and BLING-BLINGS @ CLAIRE'S AFTER THOUGHTS ICING'S LIMITED TOO TARGET after thanksgiving and christmas holidays.  An hour before everybody take off I set up a Boutique store in my living room for the girls to go shopping.  I printed lots af play money and gave each one of them $1000.00 to shop. 

It's called JOZELLE'S BOUTIQUE/shopping center.  They shop until they drop…Wow! All the girls went crazy and 3 of the parents served as sales person.  They have a lot of fun food and prizes that they took home with them after the party.  The party lasted 7 hours and everybody went home with lots of goodies and exciting experience.  All my daughter's friends and parents keep talking about it.  Even 4 of her friends came from 2-4 hours long drive but they all have unforgetable experience.  Now couple of the girls wants  to have the same party.  I told the parents they have to make sure to plan it and save $$$$.  We spend lot $$$$ but it was worth it.  Jozelle was very happy and cannot forget all the fun they had…"

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