Oscar Party

Hollywood Star -11yr- Walk of Fame




Carla in Geronimo, Oklahoma   USA


October 2005


Special Mention

I always let my daughter decide on her party theme, and on her 11th birthday, she chose a Hollywood Star Party.  For her invitations, I bought silver and gold party cups and pasted fringed black crepe paper to the rims.  I added gold rick rack on top of the crepe paper, and pasted a color photo of her on the cup. The cup was filled with gumballs in a cellophane treat bag and tied with gold and silver ribbon, and a "superstar gumballs" tag attached with the ribbon. Also included was the information on computer generated invites, pasted on gold cardstock, and a "guest pass" that the recipient had to bring with them to the party.  They had to decide who they were coming as, glue a picture of the "star" on the pass, and write why the "star" was their favorite. I used plastic paper sheet protectors to place the invitation in.  I put a candy necklace and a $1.00 bill in the package, and sealed it with the same sticker as the cup.  

For the decorations, I was lucky enough to find a huge roll of red plastic  and I taped it to long sheets of plastic floor runner for the "red carpet". My daughter wanted pictures taken with the "Stars" so I took 4 display boards that you can find at any hobby shop, and painted a stage background, and added glow in the dark stars that I found in the dollar store.  We decided on a buffet style party so I used gold fabric that I found on clearance to cover the buffet table.  I hung balloons of gold, silver, and black from the ceiling and made Hollywood "Walk Of Fame" stars out of black and pink posterboard and sponge-painted stars names on them.

I also was lucky enough to have a friend in the theatre business and was able to get the posters the theatres use when movies come out.  He also gave me real film that I used to decorate take home packs. The tables were set with black plates, and silverware in gold and silver with napkins in the same colors individually wrapped together in a plastic sack and tied with silver curling ribbon.  I also found plastic champagne glasses and put gold star stickers on them with beaded gems around the stems.  All the tables had confetti, and colorful wrapped candies scattered on them, and colorful balloons in a boquet at each table.  

For the food, we made small roll up bites out of tortillas, cream cheese, and different thin sliced meats that you can get for about 50 cents each.  We also had croissants filled with chicken salad, cheese platters, chocolate dipped strawberries, long pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate and candy sprinkles, gold rush gum, different colorful candies and soda in bottles in all colors of the rainbow. 

For the cake, we had cupcakes with pink frosting, covered with colorful candy wafers, and all the food was laid out on the buffet when the guests arrived.  As soon as they walked in, the were greeted by the paparazzi(my husband) and were escorted on the red carpet to the "stage" where each guest had their picture taken with the instant camera.  After everyone was through being photographed, they all got a chance to tell us who they were, and performed for us.  Elvis and Cher were there, just to name a few. Each "star" won an "oscar" that was made from kids plastic bowling pins, and plastic coasters spray painted gold and glued together.

The kids got to make their own picture frame for their photo out of cardstock, and decorate it with stickers, crayons, markers, and other fun embellishments.  After that, everyone ate, and ate some more, and had the best time.  They even got to vote for "best actor", "best dressed" etc.  Each child had their own ballot at their table, with a small pencil attached.  My son tallied the votes, and the winners won cool prizes. (They got to choose from a large assortment of goodies from the dollar store also.)  They thought that was great, and every child was a winner. 

The take home packs were quart size paint cans that I got from the local paint store, and I wrapped with decorative paper, and the film from my friend, and stuck my daughters picture to also.  Inside were small toys, candy rocks, bubbles, and crayons with paper.  I labeled the top of the can "hollywood survival kit" which I printed up on the computer. The kids had so much fun, and my daughter and her friends will definitely remember being hollywood royalty for the day.

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