Nursery Rhyme Party

Nursery Rhyme Party -1yr- Bath Pail Favors




Barbara in Stewartsville, Nj


February 2006



For my third and final daughter's first birthday party, I felt I needed to do something special.  I decided on a nursery rhyme theme. 

For the invitations, I created her own little nursery rhyme.  The title was Samantha Turns One! printed on rose red paper with humpty dumpty stamped on the front.  The inside pages read "Once upon a time, a baby girl was brought to life.  She was oh so sweet and cute as can be.  And now it's time for her to say 'Happy Birthday to me'.  Now that Samantha is turning one, let's celebrate and have some fun!  It will be a great party, on February 19, at 2:30. 

The place to be is xxx street Drive.  So please respond by February 9.  The ones to call are Tom or Barb to RSVP.  They can be reached at xxx-xxx-xxx3.  We hope you all can come.  It's sure to be lots of fun!  For it's only once that Samantha will turn one!"  This was printed on parchment paper and different rhyme stamps were stamped on the opposite pages.  The back cover was lilac and had The End! printed on it. 

For the party my friend and I researched every nursery rhyme to come up with food idea tie-ins.  We had a big pail of bottled water(Jack and Jill); a star shaped cake(Twinkle, twinkle) marked with an S(patty cake); various candy(sugar and spice); two flower pots of giant flower cookies(mary, mary); roast beef(this little piggy had roast beef); star shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches; pigs in blankets(three little pigs); mini muffins(muffin man); apples and applesauce(An apple a day); deviled eggs(Humpty dumpty); and rye bread(sing a song of sixpence). 

For decorations, since there were no available nursery rhyme plates, I stamped the nursery rhyme images on clear plastic plates, used purple cups and napkins.  I wrapped napkins around the silverwear and wrapped it with a ribbon that had the names of the nursery rhymes stamped on it, which I also hand stamped.  The decorations were purple and pink tablecloths and balloons.  I also found a giant Humpty dumpty mylar balloon online. 

For the favors, I found large pails at the dollar store.  I stamped the names of the kids on each one, and filled them with misc. bath stuff-rubber ducks, bath sponges, etc., a nursery rhyme book, and a coloring book that I printed from the internet, with crayons. 

I printed each of the nursery rhymes and found little photo holders, the ones that stand up with the clips at the top and something else on the bottom, that had stars and flowers on the bottom and clipped the nursery rhymes and put them next to their respective food/party item.  The kids each got to keep a photo holder at the end of the party.  It was a lot of fun coming up with such a special first birthday party.

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