Movie Theater Party

Movie Theme Party -8yr- Popcorn Bucket




Tami in Gilbert, Arizona


April 2003


Honorable Mention

I cannot tell you how hard it is to plan a party for a soon-to-be 8-year old!  They are too old for this theme and too young for that theme.  However, I finally found an idea that seems to please my daughter, after researching many ideas, we have chosen a movie theme.  I have been in the planning stages since January and everything is starting to come together.  We plan to invite a total of 35 children to our house on a Friday evening. 

We will be watching the most recent Walt Disney movie on DVD.  We are planning to empty the living room of furniture and rent a large screen tv.  The girls that are invited will have the option of remaining for a sleepover (with more movie watching of course).  Invitations will be created on my computer using movie theme clipart, etc. and will include an "Admint One" ticket.  As the children arrive they will have a movie character's name placed on their back and they must ask questions of other party attendees to determine what character they are. 

Games will consist of:  Pin the Popcorn in the Bucket, Popcorn Toss, etc. 

The decorations will consist of:  A red carpet outside leading into the house, a film border (item found at an online store)with Disney characters(printed on my computer) along the side walk (imagine the roped off area at the academy awards...corrugated film roll border instead), at the entrance to the house there will be a tall box painted to look like a popcorn containter and filled with yellow and white balloons (popcorn), various movie cutouts and center pieces will be placed inside and out, the entire ceiling will be covered with black and gold balloons (we will be renting a helium tank), clapboards, etc. 

Popcorn will be served during the movie in popcorn bags/buckets, beverages will be served in cups with lids and straws, dinner will consist of hot dogs and chips in styrofoam containers with lids (similar to what you would bring leftovers home in from a restaurant), a movie-themed cake, candy, etc. 

At the end of the party each child will receive a goody bag (popcorn bag) with a packet of microwavable popcorn, clapboard keychain, candy, star shaped notebook, pencils, etc.  Girls that remain for the sleepover will have donuts, etc. for breakfast. 

While planning this party, searching for a theme, etc. I found many wonderful sites online that offer many unique items for this theme.  Items found online include:  corrugated film roll border; film invitations (expensive is using as invites however I plan to use as decorations); clapboard keychains; miniture clapboards; movie theme cutouts (camera, clapboard, lights); large quantities of ballons at a reasonable price; centerpieces; popcorn/drink supplies with movie theme printed on them; and so much more! 

Although some of the items I found were outrageously expensive and I wouldn't really have any use for them at a later time, I improvised and came up with my own solutions.  As a former PTO mother I know that some of the items that I have ordered and will be using can be donated to a local school for their fundraising events such as carnivals, movie nights, dances, etc. after my daughter's party.  As this party has not yet happened, I do not know if the children will enjoy this party or not, however as I volunteer in the classroom three days out the week, most the children in my daughter's class have heard our plans and seem to be very excited about attending. 

I hope that anyone else trying to find a unique theme finds this helpful.  This party would work well for just about any age group and with variation.

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