Movie Theater Party

Movie/Theatre Sleepover -7yr- IMAX Lion King




Shelly in Danville, California; USA


Jan 2003


Honorable Mention

My daughter just turned 7 and this year she wanted a movie theatre/sleepover party.  For her invitations, I made up something resembling a ticket on my computer.  The front reads:  ADMIT 1 FIREBAUGH PRODUCTIONS IS PROUD TO PRESENT THE PREMIERE OF KELSEY FIREBAUGH'S 7TH BIRTHDAY PARTY!  Date: Time: Place:  Please see reverse for details  Not redeemable anywhere except Kelsey's party! 

Please bring this ticket with your to be entered  in a drawing to win a cool prize!  Down one end of the front of the invitation, I had a series of numbers (01180307).  I don't know if anyone "got it", but these numbers represented the date of the party and Kelsey's age (Jan. 18, 2003, 7 years old).   The back of the invitation said:  Please join me for my fun-filled 7th birthday party! We'll meet at my house at 2:00 sharp and then head on over to a movie theatre to take in the latest kids' flick.

Tell your mom and dad we'll fill them in on the details before the actual party! After the movie we'll grab dinner at McDonalds.  Then we'll head back to my house for a sleepover!  Please bring a sleeping bag and pillow.  Your mom or dad can pick your up at 10:00 on Sunday morning.  Please call my mom or me to RSVP by January 10th.  I sure hope you can help me celebrate my 7th birthday! 

From, Kelsey  Luckily, on the day of the party all of the girls showed up on time at 2:00.  We loaded them all in the cars and headed to the IMAX theatre to see The Lion King. 

For snacks, we bought them all kid's meals with popcorn, lemonade & a candy bar.  After the movie, we took a few photos in front of The Lion King posters.  Then, we drove to McDonalds, had dinner & played on the indoor playground for quite a while.  We thought we'd let the girls get as much of their energy out as possible!  We brought brownies with us (my daughter doesn't care for cake) and bought the girls Dippin' Dots too.

 When they were ready, we headed for home.  Once we got there, Kelsey opened her gifts.  I was sure to take a photo of her with each guest to enclose with the thank you notes.  Then the girls got their jammies on and we set up their sleeping bags & pillows.  We rented a movie for them but they were much more interested in playing. 

By 10:15 they were in their sacks though and were out for the night.  In the morning, they had donuts, strawberries, milk & orange juice for breakfast.  Before they all left, I had them get out their "tickets" (their invitations).  I was sure to have extras on hand for the girls that forgot them.  We then held our drawing.  Kelsey read off the winning number which was the same number that was printed on all of the invitations.

 All of the girls were so excited because they thought they had won.  Their "prize" was their goody bag:  a celophane bag filled with microwave popcorn, a Kit-Kat bar & a $5.00 video store gift certificate.  The girls loved their prizes and they all had a wonderful time at the party.  Best of all, Kelsey enjoyed herself and thought it was the coolest party ever!

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