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Movie Theatre -4yr- Movie Theater Candy




Krista in Urbana, IL  USA


July 2002


Honorable Mention

Movie Theater Party  Age Range:  4yrs. - Adult (This makes a great couples party just send 2 tickets to everyone, inviting them to bring a date, and rent a couple romantic movies.) 

Invitations:  Cut large (3'x 5") movie ticket shapes out of construction paper or poster board.  Make up a name for your theater (i.e. Cameron's Birthday Theater) and write the name in big letters on one side of the "tickets".  On the other side, write the pertinent information, i.e. time, date etc., inviting your guests to join you at your "Movie Party". In the envelope with the ticket, you should also include "coupons" a few for 1 free drink at the snack counter, 1 free bag of popcorn, and a couple for 1 free candy of your choice use your imagination. If this is a kids party, include extra tickets in the envelopes for the parents or parent of the child. 

Decorations:  Go to your local theater and ask for any movie posters and promo items that they are going to throw out. They will usually give them to you for free.  You can also get movie posters at the supermarkets and movie rental places for fairly cheap. Cut movie reel and movie ticket shapes out of posterboard, color them and hang them on the walls.  Cut out large stars from poster board, cover them with aluminum foil, and write each guests name on one.  Hang these from the ceiling.  You can also hang a sign that says "Refreshment Counter" over your snack area. 

Snacks:  Buy lots of little boxes and bags of movie theater type candy Twizzlers, Butterfinger Bites, Sprees, SweetTarts, Milk Duds, etc. You can either buy microwave popcorn (1 bag per person, or one for every couple kids), or you can pop fresh popcorn at home and put it in paper bags before your guests arrive. Also, buy plenty of soda, either in cans or get big bottles and disposable cups. 

Preparation:  Go to a video rental store, and rent some movies (3-4 short cartoon flicks if it’s a young kid's party, 1-2 feature length films if its for an older crowd.) Make sure you get parental approval on all movies (even if you approve, other parents might not.) Set up your kitchen counter as the snack counter. Lay out all the candy, choices of soda, and bags of popcorn.  If it is a birthday party, you can have a cake made with your kid's favorite cartoon or movie caricatures on it. 

The Party:  As your guests arrive, stand at the door to greet them and take their tickets. Direct them to the snack counter and allow everyone to pick out their candy and get a bag of popcorn and a soda. Then just take everyone into the T.V. room, let them get seated, dim the lights, and start the show.  Make sure to have intermissions if you are having a kids party all that soda and they will need potty breaks! 

For the kids party, you can also cut out a few of the movies (just show 1 or 2) and play some movie themed games, like Disney trivia. (the game has questions geared toward all age groups, even very young kids) In between movies, you can play games, cut the cake, and open birthday presents. 

The Favors:  For older kids and adults, you can give out 5 dollar gift certificates to your local theater, and for the younger kids, just make up goodie bags with the left over candy and make sure everyone gets the star wit their name on it.

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