Cupcake Party

Monsters Inc. Party -2yr- Feed the Monster Game




Pam in Eden, NC, USA


July 2011



My granddaughter was obsessed with Monsters Inc. My daughter decided to have Monsters Inc. party for my grand-daughter's 2nd birthday. We were brave to have it at a park in April.  The rain held off until long after the party was over, but we had to fight the wind.   My daughter used my Cricut and Best of Pixar cartridge to make invitations. The cards were lime green or turquoise.  The outside had the Monsters Inc. logo at the top. It read, You won't believe your eye! Can it possibly be true? Our little (Name) is turning 2!"  The inside had party information and Cricut cut-outs of Boo Mike or Sully. We used a rubber stamp for part of the party information.  

For decorations we used lime green turquoise and purple streamers and table cloths. We also found some round lime green party lanterns that looked like Mike Wazowski. I used 4-5 foam core boards to make a "doors" screen. I painted the boards to look like doors and hinged them together with zip-ties. Of course Boo's door was the center of attention.   My daughter three nieces and I wore bright yellow t-shirts with CDA (Child Detection Agency) ironed on them.  While children did Monster exercises played Feed the Monsters Bowled for Monsters or watched the movie on a make shift big screen somebody from the CDA would put a sock on one of the guests and yell 2319.  The CDA members would chase the guest and tickle them.

The Feed the Monster game had two monsters (not Monsters Inc.) painted on foam core.  My dad cut holes for the mouths and one at tip of one of the monster's hands.  We used light-weight 3" balls to toss into the monsters' mouths. We knew the bigger kids would throw too hard and break the board if we used bean bags.  I bought a kid's plastic bowling set and used stickers that my daughter ordered to make the Bowling for Monsters game.  The 2-3 year-old guests had fun just hitting the pins with the ball.  The older kids were serious bowlers.  My daughter had a local bakery make a 2-tiered "Door Station" cake with Boo's door at the top. 

Thanks to a friend who had bought a Pixar play kit/book we had Monsters Inc. figurines to put on the cake too.  My daughter made  "sushi" with rice krispy treats fruit roll-ups and gummy worms.  We also had pizza chips and ice cream.   After opening gifts we gave the "Little Monsters" a "Scream Collector".  The "Scream Collectors" had a glow bracelet Monsters Inc. stickers and key chains plastic roaches and rats and gummy worms. The "Scream Collectors" were made by covering Pringles  cans with yellow construction paper. The scream meter had the birthday girl's birth date on it.   It was hard finding anything with Monsters Inc. to put this party together but we had fun.  The guests had fun and the birthday girl had fun. I thought we would be competing with the playground, but the kids had so much fun they hardly played on the playground.  FUN!  "

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