Miscellaneous Parties

Multicultural Party




Lisa in Schererville, IN  USA


Sept. 2000


Honorable Mention

My idea is a "Multicultural Birthday Party".  I'm sure everyone attending has some roots from other countries.  Let's say that "Sarah" is Spanish, so she should wear something that represents that country.  This can be a fun addition to any party and a learning opportunity also.  Each child can bring a dish to represent the country also, whether it be pierogi from Poland, or tamales from Mexico!  The children attending could also bring something about the history of his/her chosen country and share it with the others (example: a printout about a certain dance or the food they eat).  Decorations could include flags from many different countries, balloons with countries written on them, etc.  The food which would be served would be representative of many countries (or make your own country theme).  The host may want to assign each guest with a country of his/her choice, this would eliminate everybody being "Spanish", or "German".  The importance of children knowing where their heritage lies is very important, at such a party like this will not only teach them, but will be fun too!

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