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Lisa in Riverton, UT USA


February 2006


Runner Up

For my daughters 2nd birthday, I did a Disneyland theme. I found some great ideas from this site and made up some of my own. I had so much fun putting this party together. I chose to make this party a brunch and since there would be more adults than children I didn't need tons of games, we would mostly be eating.

I handmade the invites and used a Mickey icon paper punch and glued that to the front and then glued a small red and white polka dot ribbon on the punch to make it a Minnie. A pocket on the invitation held the paper with the party info. I used a Walt Disney font and wrote  Come Celebrate a Magical Morning  Birthday Brunch with (Child's Name) Saturday, February 11, 2006 10:00am at the Magic Kingdom (Your Address) Please R.S.V.P Cast Member (your name) (Phone number) Valid One day only.   I used my computer to print out the envelopes so I could use a Disneyland font. In my return address I had a small Disneyland castle clipart printed and underneath I wrote Happiest Place on Earth and then my street address. The main address said Be Our Guest:(Name and address) Amazingly the US Post office had Disneyland stamps, which completed my invitation and set the theme.

For decorations I used a Disneyland font printed out Fantasyland, Frontierland, Critter Country, Adventureland, and Main Street U.S.A. Souvenirs. I then used a light tracer to enlarge on to poster board. I painted and colored some and put those around the party area. I used all of my Disney movie cases and placed them everywhere. I bought a Mickey Mouse banner that said Happy Birthday hung that in my kitchen and a door banner with a Disney princess castle. I hung that on my front door. I bought a sticker of Tinker Bell mounted her on white cardstock, laminated her and hung her with fishing line on my light fixture that hung over my table as if she was flying about. 

I made ricekrispie treats and shaped them into flowers or a Mickey shape stuck in a skewer and individually wrapped them. I had a cookie on a stick pan to shape my ricekrispies, but cookie cutters would work great. I outlined the flowers with red pre-made frosting and yellow for the center.  I gathered a few and made a small bouquet and put them in white plastic vases tied with a red ribbon with white polka dots around it, these made centerpieces for my tables. I had a stuffed Mickey and Minnie dolls I put on a bench and I bought a helium balloon kit and blew up balloons everywhere. I bought a package of balloons with Mickey characters on them from a party store and the rest came from the kit. The kit balloons are not the greatest coordinated colors so if you have a specific color scheme you might want to have some of your colors on hand.

Some balloons I had strategically place, others I had just floating on the ceiling. When my guests came they were handed a tri-folded birthday flyer at the door, I made it on my computer with little facts about my daughter. On the front it was Titled Come Celebrate (child's name) 2nd birthday. I titled each Headline a different land from Disneyland; Ex. Main Street USA had her Newborn statistics, Critter Country what animals she likes. Fantasyland, what she like to play.Tommorowland, what I thought she was learning to master like putting her shoes on. I didn't do all of the lands at Disneyland. On the other side I wrote a little message and a Happy Birthday from our family and updated statistics of my daughter at 2 and a list of specific favorites. Ex. favorite song, game, little saying, princess, TV show.  I titled this Character Greeting. I wanted this flyer to be like the map that you get at Disneyland. Mine was very simple. I also include a picture of my girls with Minnie Mouse. To make this I use Microsoft Publisher and used a menu outline. It was really cute.

I made sure there was Disney music on at all times. I had a bunch of music myself and I got some from my local library. On my Main Street USA I had my daughters scrapbook for guests to look through and a table set up with my daughters picture, pencils and games for the adults. I found these on the Internet. I just revised them for my party and changed the font. I had a word search, Who's line is it anyways, What Am I, Disney quiz, Disney trivia and a "Super" Word game. How may words can you make from the word SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEPIALID OCIOUS.  I found some Mickey and Minnie light up pens for .99 at Big Lots. I did see the same pens at Wal-Mart with more Disney characters. I used these as prizes.

On the same table I had a sign that said souvenirs. After the kids played their games they could come and pick up their souvenirs. We tried to play Mickey, Mickey, Minnie (Duck Duck Goose), but some of our little guest didn't get it. Musical chairs went better.  At a party store I bought paper Mickey mouse ears for the kids to wear. For the girls I hot glued a ribbon bow that was red with white pokadots on the ears. I use red, blue and yellow plastic tablecloths and black silverware. I found a bargin at my grocery store of Disney paper plates with tons of characters and I bought some Mickey and gang napkins at a party store, but I knew I would need a lot so I bought solid colors of red, yellow and blue at Wal-Mart and mixed them in with the Mickey napkins.

For brunch I served Mickey Mouse waffles. The waffle iron I found on ebay. I also served bacon, eggs and hash browns, orange juice and water with Mickey mouse ice cubes. (I bought the ice cube trays on ebay also) I had a chocolate fountain with tons of stuff to dip. This was the main attraction for everybody. It wasn't a great party unless you left with chocolate somewhere on your clothes.The kids were covered in chocolate. My kitchen was too small to seat everybody so I had a couple of tables downstairs. I had a home movie of my family at Disneyland playing in the background. I edited it so the video was more of the Disneyland parades and characters. I played jazzed up Disney music (Disney Mania 2) for the background music so no one would have to hear the actual audio of my home movies. How many times do you want to hear you tell your child to look at the camera and smile?

For the cake I found the idea on this web site, but I made my own revisions. I baked a cake in a small bowl to make it dome shaped then frosted it black. Out of some black foam I made two ears. Earlier I had made a Happy birthday tag with Minnie mouse, cut it out into a circle and laminated it. I stuck that on the front of my hat cake. I tied a red bow with white polka dots and put that between the ears. On the back of the cake I wrote my daughters name, just like they do on the souvenir ears at Disneyland. I use a fondant-icing writer that I bought at a craft store. I am not a professional cake decorator, but once again I was impressed at my cake decorating skills. I didn't serve the cake because of the Chocolate fountain, but we sang Happy Birthday and blew out candles.

Souvenirs: For the adults, Each family that came got one set. I made Mickey and Minnie magnets. I used my Mickey ice cube trays as molds poured plaster of Paris waited for them to harden. Carefully pried them out of the mold let dry for a few days then spray painted them black. Let dry then hot glued a magnet on the back. Glued a ribbon for Minnie and packaged them together in a cellophane bag with red, blue, green and yellow stars all over it. I added a little bit of yellow crinkle shreds and tied it off with some red curling ribbon and a Large Mickey punch tag that said a simple Thanks for coming to my party. They were really cute.

For the kids I had M&M's, starbursts, bracelets (girls), rubber ball (boys), Mickey blowouts, Mickey and gang stickers, (girls) Minnie stickers and a white personalized t-shirt with a Mickey or Minnie iron on. I put all of this in a little box. The girls got a red box like a purse with a Minnie sticker and the boys got a roll top box with a Mickey sticker. I made the iron on by scanning a large cute sticker of Mickey and Minnie. Enlarged it and printed it on some special iron on paper. With a Minnie font I wrote out the kid's names and printed on the iron on paper and ironed that on the t-shirts too. I found cute cheap  t-shirts and the special paper at Wal-mart. The t-shirts turned out adorable.

Both of my daughters love theirs. I also sent everyone home with a ricekrispie flower or Mickey from my centerpieces. You always get great treats at Disneyland. I had all of my Disney fonts beforehand, but I found them free on the internet. They are called Walt Disney Script, Started by a Mouse (Disneyland font), Mickey, and Minnie. Try I-Love-Disney.com  To find the Disney trivia games I think I did a google search and typed in free Disneyland games or trivia. There are tons or you can make up your own. I did all of the prep work myself, but the day of the party I had tons of great help. My mom even found her Mickey ears and wore them. We had Magical time.

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