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Kimberly in Virginia Beach, VA


Jan. 2004


Honorable Mention

Maisy Mouse 2nd Birthday Party  For our daughter, Abbey's, 2nd birthday we wanted to celebrate with something she enjoys.  Abbey loves books and her favorite character is "Maisy" by Lucy Cousins. We really had a hard time finding anything with "Maisy" on it. 

So I decided to create our own invitations and decorations.   I made each invite on the computer with red, blue, yellow, and green blocks of colors all around the invite which is on white card stock.  Then I drew a picture of Maisy in her birthday dress holding a balloon.  I scanned it into the computer and reproduced it for each invite.  We cut out all of the Maisys and mounted them on the top if the invite so she was raised.  It invitation says, "It's Abigail's 2nd Birthday Party" around Maisy.  Then "Come get crazy with Abbey & Maisy!  Please join the fun!", with the date, time, and RSVP.  I was lucky to find some party supplies on ebay.  I believe that they were discontinued? 

I found a tablecloth and a few napkins with Maisy and her friends on them.  In our living room, where we opened presents, I made a wonderful decoration.  I cut 3 poster boards in half and painted each one with all of her friends; Eddie, Cyril, Charley, Tallulah, and of course Maisy.  Each character has a solid color block behind him/her with their name on the bottom of the painting.  I took nylon rope and knotted it to one side of our large window to the other side.  I found colored plastic clothes pins at the dollar store and hung the paintings upon the rope.  It turned out so well, we are keeping it up for awhile.   

We decorated the dining room and kitchen with red, yellow, blue, and green streamers and balloons.  I painted a picture of Maisy blowing out 2 candles on a cake and wrote "Happy 2nd Birthday Abbey" on the bottom.  I mounted the painting to a piece of foam core board and split another piece in half to help it stand as a center piece.  We had colorful Goldfish and M&Ms along with other yummy food. 

On the cake we had a photo of Abbey hugging her Maisy stuff doll put on the center, which had red, blue, yellow, and green spirals all around the sides.  I believe a lot of places can do this now, we had it done at Sam's Club.  In our den we had two children's tables set-up.  At one table we had collected all of Abbey's Maisy books (20+) and set that table up as a reading station.  At the other table we downloaded coloring sheets from www.noggin.com of Maisy and had all the children color the sheets.  We were lucky enough to have Abbey's cousins who are 10 and 12 to stay at the tables to help the children with the activities.  I never realize it was a show until I tried to get more information on Maisy. 

We do not get Noggin, but they have a whole section of Maisy on that website if you are interested.  As for the goodie bags, I drew a picture of Maisy and Charley from Abbey's "Happy Birthday Maisy" book and scanned it into the computer.  I printed it white cardstock and wrote, "Thank you for helping us celebrate Abbey's 2nd Birthday", along with their name.  I put it in a zip lock bag with a Maisy book, "Maisy Makes Lemonade" which I found about 10 of them at Target on clearance for $1.75.  We also included colorful shakers from the dollar store, fruit bits, and Maisy stickers from Stickopotamus that I found on ebay. 

All the parents loved the books for their children.  Our birthday girl was decked out with her Maisy necklace and barrettes on.  Both are made by Crocodile Creek and found in a Yahoo store, Austin Ford.  They also had Maisy toothbrushes that we had to have for our Maisy fan. And if anyone did not know who Maisy was, they definitely do now and all of them are fans.

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