Mardi Gras Masquerade

Masquerade Party -5yr- Bob for Apples




O'Brien in Gibsonia, PA , USA


Dec 2002



Masquerade Birthday Party: For my daughter's 5th birthday party which falls a couple of days after Halloween, we decided to have a dress-up/ costume party.

I love to make my own invitations because they are so much more creative than store bought and my daughter always thinks of the best little additions to all parts of her parties. We designed a mask like the old traditional masquerade eye masks. Pink for the girls and blue for the boys. We decorated them with glitter, jewels and the crunchy/springy filler paper used to place in gift boxes and bags.

We also attached sticks to one side like a formal-type mask. Then we made a separate invitation to match the shape of the mask and attached it with a dab of poster putty in the middle to the back of the mask. The invitation part could be removed and the mask could be brought to the party.

The invitations were placed in a large 9 x 12 envelope. We played bobbing for apples (with only 2"of water), set up a mini theater and watched Monsters Inc., danced to princess and Halloween party music, had a piƱata, played "pin the flame on the jac-o-lantern", ate hot dogs, french fries and pizza, and a sundae bar.

The kids loved being able to dress up in costumes again after Halloween. Then we were able to trick -or- treat at a few neighbor's homes that had some treats just for my daughter's party friends. The kids still talk about it!

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