Mall Shopping Party

Mall Challenge/Sleepover -12yr- Mall Hunt




Melissa in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada


December 2008


Honorable Mention

For my 12th birthday I wanted to do something unique. Since my birthday was in January I couldn't do a camp out or Luau so I had to find something fun indoors. I decided on a mall challenge party, it was really fun... kind of like the Amazing Race in the mall. I got my mom and older sister to write a number of clues and challenges. Examples: what is the name of the Body Shop's newest fragrance?   Go to the place where old cars and tolls are kept (The Garage Clothing) when you get there pick out an outfit for under $20.   What color hair does the mannequin in the left window of Limited Too have?  

The funniest one was go to the dollar store and buy 2 packs of curlers and 2 bras in your team color, then got into a photo booth and take pictures with the curlers in and the bras on over your clothes.    Then my mom printed the first half of questions on 1 sheet of paper and the other half on other sheet of paper and put them in separate envelopes. I invited five of my friends to my party so there were 6 people including me. My sister divided us all into groups of two, there was Team Blue, Team Pink, and Team Green. I asked each girl to bring clothes in their team color.

INVITATIONS: For the invitations I made envelopes shaped like purses put of colorful paper and put the information inside. For the handle of the purse I made strings of pretty beads and in the center I spelled each girls name in letter beads then attached the string to the top of the purse. 

DECORATIONS: I decorated my house with a few balloons and streamers in pink, green and blue (the team colors).

PARTY: My mom picked up my friends and I afterschool and took us back to my house. There we had some snacks (popcorn and chocolate fondue with fruit.) After we were done eating we changed into our team colors and headed to the mall. Once we arrived at the mall each team received a small gift bag in their team color, the bag include one envelope (the first set of clues), a pen and a small notebook both in our team color. The clues were in a different order for each team so they wouldn't all be in the same place at the same time. Then we opened the envelope and started the challenge!

My mom and sister stayed at a bench near the food court so we would always know where they were. After we finished the first set of questions we went back to where my mom and sister were and they made us recite a silly poem. Then they gave us the next set of questions to do. When we finished all of the questions we went back to my mom again and she made us name as many of the seven dwarfs (from Snow White) as we could. Then we gave her both our envelopes and our notebook (that is where we recorded all our answers. Once all of the teams were finished my mom let us go shopping while she and my sister tallied up the points.

We got one point right answer we got and task we completed (we also got one point for every dwarf we could name.) Once we were done shopping we met up with my mom and sister again and they announced the team with the most points, the each one a big stuffed animal. The other teams won smaller stuffed animals (gift cards would also make good prizes). Then we went back to my house and ordered pizza for dinner (it would be fun to have the girls make your own pizza) then we all dressed up in my clothes and had a fashion show! After that it was time for cake and presents! Then we went in the hot tub, watched a movie and then went to bed. In the morning we ate pancakes and eggs then I gave everybody their goody bags the girls went home.

GOODIE BAGS: I bought small bags from the dollar store and filled them with nail polish, body butter, lip gloss and candy. This turned out to be my best birthday ever! My friends are still talking about it!

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