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Mall Scavenger -10yr- Shop for Your Favors




Patricia in Arkadelphia, AR United States


March 2007


Honorable Mention

For my daughter's 10th birthday she had a mall scavenger hunt.I used Birthday Party Ideas as a reference. Some clues came from this websit and others I invented to fit with what our mall had to offer with store selection. I called our local mall to okay our plans. Our local mall frowns on scavenger hunts, but did not say no. They said that many times the kids were not supervised, ran though the mall,theft presented a problem, ect.. We went ahead with our plans. Two weeks before the party we personally delivered 9 vellum invitations to her friends.

We are 40 minutes from our local mall so our party lasted from 10:00am to 2pm on a Thursday during Spring Break. It was one week after her actual birthday, but we chose these times because the mall would be empty and not busy with weekend shoppers. Five of her friends showed up. We arrived at the mall at 11:00 am and divided the 6 into two groups of 3, with an adult leader for each group. The girls were given a clip board with a rule sheet and list of itmes to find or buy. They were also given a wallet with $25.00 in $5.00 bills and pen. The leader of each team were given 4 pennies, and 4 quarters, and an extra $5.00 per team.

The rules of the game were;

1. You must stay with your adult leader.

2. You must stay with your group and your group must stay with the adult leader. For example, the entire group goes to the bathroom or into a store together.

3. No running. This is not a race. Take your time and have fun. The groups will meet at El Chico's for lunch at noon.

4. Make sure to bring all itmes, answers, and receipts with you.

5. If you knock something off the shelf, rack, ect., then you must put it back up.

6. We are here to have fun, no ugly 'tudes will be tolerated.

7.Use only money in your teams wallet, NO personal money.

8.Only one team in any given store at one time.

9.Be aware and respectful of others around you.

10.Your team does not have to complete the tasks in order but try to complete as many as possible.

11. Spend no more than $5.00 when instructed to buy an item. I explained to the girls the problems that the mall had had in the past.

They understood and respected the rules. And they still had FUN. Each started out at a different store in the mall. Both lists consisted of:

1. Get a perfume sample from Dillard's.

2. How much is a Chick-Fil-A Cool Wrap?

3.Find and buy a ring from Romancing the Stone.

4.Each person in your group must toss a penny into the fountain and make a wish.

5.Go to Claire's and buy something that goes in your hair.

6.How much is a pink bra in Victoria's Secret.

7. Go to Bath and Body Works and something that smells like mango, pear, or plum.

8.How much is a red pair of shoes from Sears?

9.What shelf is Tessa's (the birthday girl) favorite book series, American Girl, located on in Walden Books?

10. What is the most expensive pair of men's Nike running shoes an The Foot Locker?

11.Go to Puff's and buy a pair of trendy sunglasses.

12. Use these quarters for everyone to buy a gumball from the gunmball machines. Write down everyone's name and the color they got. Someone might win a prize ( I included quarters for each girl and two girls won a prize from Claire's).

13.Go to the Candy Caze and buy some sour candy. With the help of your leader spend the closest to $5.00 as you can without going over.

14. How many different colors of Crocs does Hallmark have?

15.How many maneqins are in the store window of Maurice's?

16. Finish the phrase from the Arkansas Razorback t-shirt at Houndstooth,  One nation under hog…"

17. In FYE how much is a Hannah Monatana cd.

This part of the party lasted approximately one hour and everyone met at El Chico's at noon. While we waited for the food we handed out prizes for the gumballs. The items the girls bought were given to them as party favors ( I drew names out of a bag). They were also given items from Claire's that was bought for $.99 each. We finished up lunch with a cookie cake from the mall's cookie store opened presents and departed at 1:00pm. The party costs were $5.00 for invitations $85.00 for lunch $52.00 for party items in mall another $10.00 for misc.. Totalling $152.00 and the girls had fun. "

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