Mall Shopping Party

Mall Party -11yr- Food Court & Hunt for Clues




Dawnee in Marietta, Ga. Cobb


February 2002


Honorable Mention

For my daughter Ashley's 11th birthday we did a mall party.  She was able to invite 4 friends.  Since it was going to be such a small amount of people I called everyone first to make sure that every one was available to attend.  Then we sent out very cute invitations with a cute little rhyme.  It said "We are keeping it small so we can go to the mall.  There will only be a few and we hope that one can be you.  We will shop 'til we drop and then come home to stay.  We will party all night on this wonderful day." 

We had all the girls come over at about 5:30 and did everyone's nails.  We went to the mail and had dinner in the food court.  Everyone liked the independence of being able to choose what they wanted to eat.  Then we surprised the girls with a scavenger hunt.  I made up 5 clues.  I had 4 of my friends come along to help put the clues in the appropriate places.  The prize was $10.00 gift certificates to the mall.  The clues were done on the same paper as the invitations so they were easily recognized by the girls.  The clues had what store they were to go to and a clue as to were to look for the clue. 

Example:  Clue #1  Store:  Restricted twice. (Limited Too)  Clue:  Some are pink and some are blue.  Some are red and that's your clue.  (nail polish and lip sticks).  The final clue directed them to there gift certificates.  Now the girls were ready to shop.  The girls had a blast.  We also found a place in the mall called Mish Mash.  They did "free" make-up makeovers on the girls.  Instead of a cake my daughter wanted to go get dessert at a local restaurant.  We ended up back at the house by about 10:00.  Everyone spent the night.  It was the best birthday party my daughter every had and all her friends agreed.

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