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Magic Party -6yr- Giant Playing Cards Décor




Tammi in Mansfield, MA, USA


April 2005


Honorable Mention

Magic Party for my 6th year old.     My son thinks he is the next Harry Houdini.  He even has his own business cards promoting his magic act.  I knew that he would love a magic party.  I hired a magician to perform at his party. The invitation was made by using paper cutouts (for bulletin boards) that you can buy at a teacher store. I bought a package of black top hats or Abraham Lincoln hats and a package of white rabbits.  Each package contained 30 cutouts.  I then turn the hat upside down and cut a slit near the top.  Using the computer and sticker paper, I made labels with all the party information.  This went on the rabbit.  On the top hat, with gold ink, I wrote "Matty's 6th Birthday"  I then placed a rabbit in the slit of the hat.  This made it look like the rabbit was coming from the hat.      

For decorations, I made playing cards using graphics from the internet.  I would blow up the card using poster printing.  Then I would outline the picture with pencil.  I would turn it over and place the traced side on a heavy posterboard.  The next step would be to color over the back of the picture.  This makes a copy onto the heavy poster.  I have also done this with making an overhead and coping it from that.  The cards were the Ace and the number 6 (since he was six years old). 

These cards were placed against my fireplace with a pretend rabbit coming from a hat.  This was made by using an old white long cylinder trashcan.  I spray painted black.  Then I made a bunny out of cardboard (done same as the playing cards).   I took black posterboard and cut it into a square .  I cut a slit through the poster so the bunny's head could pop out. I then placed the bunny in the can and the poster on top of it.  You could see the bunny's face.  On the can, I cut out letters with sliver sticky paper and wrote " Matty's Magic." 

To make things easier for clean up, I had the cake and art part in the garage.  I found  big playing cards already made from a party store.  They had a hole in them so I could hang them from the beams of my garage.  I also had the magic party goods to go along with it.  A magic hat pinata with a bunny was also hanging from the rafters.  I didn't want the kids to touch it before the end of the party.  We actually hung it and then let it sit on the rafters.  It was supported by wood up there.    

I need the children to show up before the magician started.  This way, nobody would be late.  I tried to think of a craft for them to do.  I found these great top hats that are made out of cardboard and paper.  They can come in white or the sides can be in a color.  The rims are always white.  The children decorated them with foam stickers in shapes of stars and moons.  I also had jewels that sticked.  This way, there wasn't any glue or mess.  The children also used makers to decorate it.   

The magician then performed the party inside my house (where the top hat was).  While they we watching the show, the adults cleaned the tables in the garage and put the party goods down.  The children loved the magician. He even included my three year son in the show.  After the show, we did cake and icecream.  We then moved the tables and brought down the pinata.  Every child was give a ziploc bag with a sticker label with a picture of the hat/bunny and their name on it.      

For goodie bags, I bought candy molds (it was near Easter) of a bunny's head with bow tie.  I made white chocolate lollipops of the bunny and added dark chocolate for his bow tie.  Using the same concept of the invitation, I made foam top hats (the paper ones were too big) and made a slit so the bunny could come out of it.  Using sticker paper, I made little labels that said Matty's Magic Party and the date of the affair.  I ordered online all different magic tricks for the kids.  They liked the magic coin and the snake coming out of the peanut can.  Using clear gift bags, I put black and white paper confetti in the bottom of the bag.  I then put all five tricks in it.  After that, I placed the bunny/hat lollipop in the front of the bag.  This way you could see Matty's Magic Party through the bag and the bunny. 

The children had a fabulous time.  I can't wait to plan my three year olds birthday.

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