Magic Party

Magic Theme (2-4yr) Rabbit in Hat Invite




Patricia in Abingdon, Maryland  USA


Sept 2002


Honorable Mention

For our children's second and fourth birthday party we decided on a magic theme (trying something fun for both a girl and boy!). 

For the invitations I cut out magic hats from black construction paper and left an opening in the top of the hat to insert a bunny rabbit (I bought a package already cut from a teacher supply store).  On the front it said "Abracadabra and magic galore will help Mary and Kevin turn 2 and 4.  Then when you pulled the rabbit out of the hat all the party details were there!  They were adorable and received many compliments (and best yet they were easy to make). 

When the children arrived at the party they first went to the magic wand tent.  There they made there own wands out of aquarium tubing (cut in 12" pieces) and inserted different pipecleaners inside.  The younger ones just put colors in, while the older ones twisted the pipecleaners and made different designs).  I used white modeling clay to put on the ends.  Then a "silly" magician came and the kids used their wands during the show.  Afterwards we had pizza and wings.  The table cloths the kids sponge painted on stars and the centerpieces on the tables were magic hats turned upside down and I insert photos from the past year along with their accomplishments from the year (i.e. my daughter learned to walk, my son went to school, etc..).  I cut the photos and words into start shapes and they were great for guests to learn more about the past year for our kids.  All around the house I put playing cards (purchased from oriental trading), balloons, and stars!  We then did a rabbit in the hat piƱata and played "magic man says" similar to Simon says. 

For dessert I had cupcakes with miniature playing cards on each.  And as a favor, we ordered peanut cans with a pretend snake that pops out and magic coin tricks from oriental trading.  On each peanut can I made a small label that said I hope you had a magical time, thank you for helping Mary and Kevin celebrate their birthday. 

For the thank you notes I made a collage of some photos from the party and pasted it on magic hats.  Everyone really enjoyed the party and enjoyed seeing photos of themselves and others having fun.  It really was a great party for all ages and we received many compliments!

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