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Day in Paris -6yr- Hot Madeline (hot potato)




Vedette in Aliso Viejo, CA


Jan 2003


Honorable Mention

I just threw a "Day in Paris" birthday party for my 6 year old. 

We first sent out invites out in the shape of an Eiffel Tower I cut from gray construction paper and strung black cording through the top. (just to look cute) Each envelope was addressed to Mademoiselle so-and-so.  (the parents loved this touch) When the girls arrived, they were given a "things to do while in Paris" list that hung around their neck and greeted with "bonjour!"). 

Their first activity was to go to our back yard to be photographed in a Madeline costume (that I found for 95 cents after halloween) and a yellow straw hat that I purchased at a craft store and painted.  For the photo, they sat at a bistro table set with cafe, french bread and a vase full of blooms.  The parents and children (about 50 in all) dined on almond crème filled crepes with raspberries, quiche, salad and other various sweets.

Next, the girls were each given a bag in which would hold all of their goodies.  I had 5 stops set up in different rooms of my home that each girl had to visit the bakery (patesserie), the louvre, the jewelry shop, the bath shop and the candy shop (la maison du chocolat).You can go to translate.com for other translations.)  Each stop had a store front sign so that they knew that they were in the right place.  I also had a different relative at each stop to help the girls. 

At the Louvre, they decoreated wooden "Bonjour" frames that my father made (for the pictures they took earlier).  At the jewelry shop, they made bracelets with beautiful glass beads and stretch magic and an eiffel tower charm that I ordered over the internet.  At the bath shop, they made bath salts (epsom salt, food coloring and a squirt of perfume in recycled baby food jars)  At the bakery the each got to select a pre wrapped cookie in the shape of a fleur de lis that I made.  At the chocolate shop, they got to select 10 hand made chocolates and a chocolate sucker in the shape of an eiffel tower I also made.  (supplies from a candy/cake decorating store).

Next came the games "Hot Madeline" like hot potato but we passed a madeline doll and played french music pin the flag on the Eiffel tower (I made french flags out of white label stickers and toothpicks and cut the tower out of poster board and lastly, guess the amount on jelly beans in the jar.. Whoever won, won the french jar filled with candies. We prooceded to open gifts and eat our eiffel tower cake.

We sent the thank yous the next day with the developed pictures of each girl so that they could place them in their frames. We received many compliments on this party most saying that this was the best party they had ever attended we even received a few thank yous for being invited to such a wonderful party.  All in all, the guests had a great time.  The girls were entertained and the adults truly enjoyed themselves too! This party was not especially expensive, nor difficult, I would just suggest taking the time to plan several weeks in advance.  Enjoy!!

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