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Moriah in North Salt lake, Utah, U.S.A


July 2011


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Lord of the Rings Party    

Lord of the Rings Party Invitations: For invitations, we design cards on our computer, using Lord of the Rings pictures and saying You are invited to join the Fellowship..." and then on the inside "on their journey to destroy the Ring." Everyone will come dressed as their favorite character. Or  Your invited to the "One Party to Rule them all!"  

Decorations-Mount a banner that says "Entering Middle Earth." on the front door. Decorate the living room as Lothlorien with golden leaves hanging from the ceiling on fishing line (clear). Also have leaves on the floor. You can paint trees using silver/gray and white poster paint on butcher paper using yellow balloons as their tops. Use a silver pitcher and bowl for Galadriel's water basin. For a waterfall or stream look use a large length of light blue fabric coming off a table and opening up wider onto the floor. Put flower garlands around the room (6 foot ones that you can find at the dollar tree) to add more. In your dining room set up an outdoor canopy and put up a big signsaying "Happy Birthday Bilbo Baggins" with a lot of balloons.

Food  - Here are a TON of Lotr themed food.  Aragorn's Ale-gingerale  Galadriel's Goodies-cookies  Boromir's Bread and Cheese-bread and cheese  Frodo's Fruitcups-fruit salad served in cups   Sam's Salad-salad  Salted Pork- Pippin- "The salted pork is particularly good."  Orc Oatcakes-honey oatcakes  Merry and Pippin's Pickins'-carrot sticks   Legolas' Lembas From Lothlorian-croissants OR http://www.geekychef.com/2008/12/elven-lembas-bread.html  Sam's Potatoes and Stew- stew "Po-ta-toes!! Boil 'em mash 'em stick 'em in a stew." Shoot them out of a potato gun that will do. 

Food From the Shire-strawberries & cream plums grapes corn fruits and cheese.  Smeagol's Food-Fish sticks  Hobbit Donuts-mini-donuts  Snow From the Misty Mountains-popcorn  "Lembas Crust"-Pizza  Shelob Cookies- Oreos with M'Ms and licorice   Mount Doom Lava Cakes- chocolate with melted fudge inside   Ent-draught(was an extremely invigorating drink of the Ents Entwash and the water had special properties.)-Flavoured mineral water.  Cram(is a biscuit-like food made by the Men of Esgaroth and Dale.)-Some biscuits  The One Ring Onion Rings/Lord of the Onion rings-onion rings  Hobbit Pizza-mini pizzas  Hobbit Hotdogs-mini hot dogs  (Make little signs for all the food).  You also can make a round cake and ice it with yellow icing and then outline just around the top edge (about 2 inches in from the edge) with a darker yellow and then use orange icing and do the script like on the ring.  On the inside of the ring write "Happy Birthday".  Partying  Play one of the Lord of the rings while waiting guests who are running late. 

Games Set up a theme obstacle course in your backyard. Place various objects around the area: hoops trash containers boxes buckets character standees and so on. Spread out additional Halloween decorations that you might have. Have the kids race around the course jumping over crawling through and running around the obstacles. Time them with a stopwatch to determine who can go the fastest.  The main one will involve getting the 'ring' to Mordor based on clues similar to a treasure hunt that will take you through Moira Rivendell etc. until finally you make it to Mordor where "Frodo" will toss the ring into the fires(bean bag toss). First they have to find the ring then use their clues to get to mordor to destroy it. 

A  great game you can have is an archery contest (with a child's play bow and arrow set) using an orc picture as the target. And you can play "Who said that?". Print out quotes from the movie (one for each child) and you and your guests have to figure out who said what. And whoever can remember the most of the verse about the ring wins a prize. The Fellowship vs. the Ringwraiths: Divide the children into 2 teams - the Fellowship and the Ringwraiths. Players from the Fellowship team have 60 seconds to hide. Then the Ringwraiths head out to find members of the other team. Once the Fellowship team member is found he must be tagged to be "wounded." All wounded players must go to a designated area Rivendell for healing. Wounded players must stand with their hands in the air. They can be revived when one of their team members double high five them. The game or round ends when all the Fellowship team members are tagged.  

Play a second round but this time switch the names of the teams. That way the players who were hiding now have a chance to chase.  Pass the Parcel: Wrap a bar of chocolate (or some other gift) in a layer of paper.  Now wrap it in another layer and repeat until you have about 10 layers.  Finally wrap it in gift paper (so it looks nice).  Sit everyone in a circle and play a short snippet of music.  When the music stops the person holding the parcel removes ONE layer of wrapping. Repeat until the last layer of wrapping has been removed.

The winner who unwrapped the last layer keeps the present. A fun variation of the above is to write a forfeit inside each layer that the un-wrapper must perform.   Prizes -For game prizes you can have Lord of the Rings bookmarks or kites of Frodo and Gandalf.  For goody bags give everyone one of the Burger King Fellowship of the Ring figures  a lord of the Rings bookmark as well as candy.  Now you're ready to go have a Lord of the rings Marathon with your friends or just party!"

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